Paleontology related stamps: prehistoric animals, fossils, fossil found sites, paleontologists and contributors to Paleontology science (Charles Darwin for example) of the year 2014 issued by official post authorities as well as  some personalized stamps, sorted in chronological order.

Highlights of the year:

fossils of Makhtesh Ancient Erosion in Israel on FDC 2014
  • On the beginning of the year, Hong Kong issued set of 6 stamps printed with a luminous effect that makes the unique features of the Chinese dinosaurs glow in the dark.
  •  Canada and Moldova show some fossil from collection of its museums.  
  • Makhtesh Ancient Erosion in Israel (some landscapes of  a geological land form considered unique to the Negev desert of Israel) shown on stamps issued in February.  On the first look , there are nothing common with Paleontology, but this place is also well  known as fossil found place - depicted on FDC.   
  • At the end of the year Post of Hong Kong  issued a block shows UNESCO Heritage site - Danxia Mountain - our ancestors used to live near Danxia Mountain long ago, and there are skull fossils of famous Maba Man in the  southwest of Danxia basin, which are important clues for studying the early human. At the same time, cultural relics of the ancient people lived 6,000 years ago in Meolithic Age remained in Shixia Cultural Relic in Shizi Cliff. The  catfish fossil unearthed from a relic of Neolithic Age in the southeast shows that about 5,000 years ago the evolution level of the is similar to that of the Central Plains.
  • Another stamp of Hong Kong related to Paleontology, issued this year is a part of definitive set. The stamp with value $2.20 shows WONG CHUK KOK TSUI landscape. Devonian pyroclastic rocks found around Pak Sha Tau and Wong Chuk Kok Tsui are included in the Wong Chuk Kok Tsui Formation. They are primarily sandstones, pebbly sandstones and conglomerates. The best exposed outcrops can be found around Wong Chuk Kok Tsui at the northern tip of the Tolo Channel. The rich Devonian fossil fauna from Tolo Channel provide a strong basis for determining geological age and sequence stratigraphy helping us understand how Hong Kong's natural environment evolved during that time.
  • Very beautiful stamps of prehistoric animals issued in Brazil and Mongolia. Stamps of Mongolia commemorate return of Tarbosaur fossil, which a stolen and illegally transported to USA,  to the country. Stamps of Brazil shows many prehistoric creatures lived in the territory of the county in the past.
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 Click on image to enlarge it or to be redirected to description page. Stamps on grey background are Undesired/"Pseudo stamps"
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22.12.2014 Palau 09.12.2014 Nepal 05.11.2014 Peru
Dinosaurs of Palau 2014 Natural History Museum on stamps of Nepal 2014 Insect in Amber on stamps of Peru 2014
14.10.2014  Maldives 14.10.2014  Union island of St. Vincent 12.10.2014  Brazil
Dinosaurs and prehistoric animals on stamps ofBrazil 2014 Dinosaurs and prehistoric animals on stamps ofBrazil 2014 Dinosaurs and prehistoric animals on stamps ofBrazil 2014
08.10.2014 Serbia 01.10.2014 Guinea 20.09.2014 Tanzania
great Serbian scientists, paleontologist PETAR STEVANOVIC and botanist Josif Pancic on stamps from 2014 prehistoric humand and animals on stamps of Guinea prehistoric human and its fotprints on heritage sites stamps of Tanzania 2014
20.09.2014 Romania 15.09.2014 Ghana 15.09.2014 Gambia
Geological Museum (L9.10) in stamps " BUCHAREST, 555 YEARS OF EXISTENCE ", Romania 2014 Dinosaurs on stamps of Ghana 2014 Dinosaurs on stamps of Gambia 2014
31.08.2014  Indonesia 25.08.2014 Solomon Islands 08.08.2014, 15.09.2014 Sao Tome
Paleoanthropology 125th Anniversary on stamp of Indonesia 2014 Dinosaurs on stamps of Solomon Islands 2014 Dinosaurs and Sir Richard Owen on stamps of Sao Tome 2014
24.07.2014 Mongolia 04.07.2014  Grenada, Carriacou & Petite Martinique 30.06, 30.12. .2014 Togo
Dinosaur Tarbosaur bataar, Tarbosaurus, Tarbosavr , on stamps of Mongolia 2014 minerals and fossil on stamps of , Carriacou & Petite Martinique 2014 Dinosaurs on stamps of Togo 2014
25.06.2014, 10.09.2014, 13.10.2014 Niger 21.05.2014 Dominicana 20.05.2014  Central African Republic
Dinosaurs and prehistoric animals on stamps of Niger 2014 Natural History Museum of Dominicana on stamp from 2014 dinosaurs on stamps of Central African Republic 2014
15.05, 05.11, 12.12.2014 Guinea Bissau  03.05.2014 Moldova 30.04.2014  Mozambique
dinosaurs on stamps of Central African Republic 2014 stamp of National Ethnographic Museum Moldova 2014 with Deinotherium on coupon dinosaurs on stamps of Mozambique 2014
14.04.2014 Canada 31.03.2014 Canada (fossil found site)
Parasaurolophus on stamp of Canada 2014 - Royal Ontario Museum anniversary Parasaurolophus on stamp of Canada 2014 - Royal Ontario Museum anniversary UNESCO World Heritage Sites stamps of Canada 2014
31.03.2014 Canada (fossil found site)25.03.2014 Mongolia25.03.2014 Argentina
UNESCO World Heritage Sites stamps of Canada 2014 Charles Darwin among other famous Scientist on stamps of Mongolia 2014 plesiosaurus on stamps of Argentina 2014
10.03.2014 Ivory coast  Hong Kong   04.12.2014    &   24.07.2014  (fossil found place ) 
Dinosaurs on stamps of Ivory coast 2014 fossil found site Danxia Mountain on stamp of Hong Kong 2014 petrified tree on stamp of Hong Kong 2014
   20.02.2014 Hong Kong 11.02.2014 Israel06.01.2014 France
Chinese Dinosaurs on stamps of Hong Kong 2014 fossil found place on stamps of israel 2014 Ammonite of self-adhesive stamp of France 2014

Some personalized and private post stamps
 09.12.2014 France   21.06.2014 Slovenia   20.04.2014 Slovenia
French paleontologist Saturin Garimond on personalized stamp of France 2014 fossil on personalized stamp of Slovenia 2014 fossil of sea horse on personalized stamp of Slovenia 2014

Another stamps to consider
some stamps that looks like Paleontology related, but it is not.
30.05.2014 France
Bee in Amber on stamp of France 2014
The Bee on the left side is not  prehistoric  but modern specie: Apis mellifera. and used just for illustration purpose together with a painting from the Cuevas de la Araña, Spain, which shows a Palaeolithic human who gathering some honey from wild bees.

Attention: Fake !

The following stamps looks like real, but they are not.

Pulau Flores "125 years of paleoanthropological institut of Indonesia"
The island is part of Indonesia and uses Indonesian stamps only.
Homo floresensis on fake stamp of Indonesian island Pulau Flores 2014

Special Postmarks 
22.07.2014 France
24.10.2014 Germany
Tautavel man on postmark of France 2014 T-rex and metheorite on postmark of Germany 2014



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