Philatelic catalog of all Paleontology & Paleoanthropology related objects

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This catalogue represent all philatelic objects somehow related  to Paleontology and Paleoantropology  - stamps, post cards, postal stationery, aerograms etc. depicted fossils, prehistoric animals, early mankind,  paleontologists, paleontologic and antropologic museums, fossils found sites, contributors to Paleonology and Paleoantropology sciences.

All objects are sorted in chronological and per country names order. Click either on a year number on the left side or on a country name on the right side.

Due the very big amount of philatelic materials, I'm going to create a catalogue for stamps first. Later I'll add catalogue for post cards, postal stationery, aerograms etc.

In case you know about some relevant paleontologic item not listed here, please advice me: 


Latest update 03.02.2013

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