Paleontology related stamps, post marks, post stationary and special covers depicted dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, fossils, fossil found sites of the year 2015 sorted in chronological order.

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 Click on image to enlarge it or to be redirected to description page. Stamps on grey background are Undesired/"Pseudo stamps"

09.10.2015 Morocco 23.09., 29.12.2015 Sao Tomme e Principie 07.09.2015 Belgium
Fossil and Minerals on stamps of Morocco 2015 Jurassic fauna on stamps of sao Tomme e Principie 2015 Dinosaurs fossil found place on self-adhesive stamps of Canada 2015
03.09.2015 Solomon Islands 21.08.2015, 12.12.2015 Sierra Leone 21.08.2015 Canada [4a]
Dinosaurs on stamps of Solomon Islands 2015 Dinosaurs on stamps of Solomon Islands 2015 Dinosaurs fossil found place on self-adhesive stamps of Canada 2015
21.08.2015 Canada [4] 25.07.2015 Italy[5] 07.07.2015 Nepal
Dinosaurs fossil found place on self-adhesive stamps of Canada 2015 Dolimiti mountaints, fossil found places on stamps of Italy 2015 Prehistoric elephants on stamps of Nepal 2015
03.07.2015 Canada [4a] 03.07.2015 Canada [4] 25.06., 21.10.2015 Central African Republic
Dinosaurs fossil found place on self-adhesive stamps of Canada 2015 Dinosaurs fossil found place on stamps of Canada 2015 Dinosaurs on stamps of Central African Republic 2015
25.05.2015 Maldives 22.05.2015 Sierra Leone [3]
Dinosaurs on stamps of Maldives 2015 Dinosaurs on stamps of Sierra Leone 2015 Dinosaurs on stamps of Sierra Leone 2015
07.05.2015 Spain
06.05.2015 Cuba 04.05.2015 Portugal
Dinosaurs on stamps of Spain 2015 Prehistoric fauna of Caribic on stamps of Canada 2015 Dinosaurs on stamps of Portugal 2015
22.04.2015, 15.06.2015 Togo 21.04.2015 Malta ( 2nd reprint) 18.04.2015 Singapore
Dinosaurs on stamps of Togo 2015 Elephas falconeri fossil on stamps of Malta 2015 Sauropod dinosaurs on stamps of Singapore 2015
15.04, 15.08.2015 Mozambique 13.04.2015 Canada 20.03., 22.06, 20.08.2015 Guinea
Dinosaurs on stamps of Mozambique 2015 Dinosaurs on stamps of Canada 2015 Dinosaurs on stamps of Guinea 2015
09.03.2015 Argentina 05.03.2015 Switzerland  25.02, 20.04.2015 Niger
Dinosaurs on stamps of Argentina 2015 Ammonite on stamp of Switzerland 2015 Dinosaurs on stamps of Niger 2015
20.02.2015 Latvia 18.02.2015 Guinea Bissau 10.02.2015 Russia
Devonian fish on stamp of Latvia 2015 Dinosaurs on stamps of Guinea Bissau 2015 fossil found site Lena Pillars on stamp of Russia 2015
21.01.2015 Nevis 15.01.2015 Marshal Islands [1]
prehistoric animals on stamps of Nevis 2015 fossil of Dinosaurs on stamps of Marshall Islands 2015

  [1]   "Dinosaur bones" stamps of Marshall Islands are planned  on 15.01.2015, but  appeared in official online store on beginning of March. First time seen in internet auction at the end of February. Real issue date is in doubt.
 [3]  In June 2015, Stamperija, on behalf Sierra Lione, issued 19 stamp sets  (57 Blocks and Mini-Sheet, in total 152 stamps. Just to compare: in 2014 Germany, 13 times bigger in population,  issues 74 stamps) with a common subject "Faua of West Africa". One of this sets shows some  Dinosaurs, decorated by modern animals on the margin. Some more dinosaurs is to see on margin of stamps shows modern animals.
 [4] One of stamp in UNESCO Heritage sites of Canada shows dinosaurs fossil sites: Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta. First release is recalled due to image error. The second release (21.08.2015)  has correct image of  the Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta.
 [4a] Self-adhesive booklet with
UNESCO Heritage sites of Canada. First release is recalled due to image error. The second release (21.08.2015)  has correct image of  the Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta.
 [5] Fossil found place

Local stamps
Note:  According to FIP regulations, issues of countries who is not recognized by the UPU is not allowed to be used at exhibitions organized or sponsored by FIP.  The FIP recommends to collectors avoid these stamps at their collections. 

28.03.2015  Transnitria [L2] 07.03.2015 Transnitria  [L1]
paleolit animals on stamps of Transnitria 2015 paleolit mans on stamps of Transnitria 2015
  [L1] - These stamps are overprint with silver and gold colour on stamps from 1996
  [L2] - These stamps are overprint with silver  colour on stamps from 2005

Some personalized and private post stamps
23.05.2015 Slovenia
fossils on personalized stamps of Slovenia 2015

Another stamps to consider
01.03.2015 Austria [A1]
the dragon of Klagenfurt on stamp of Austria 2015
skull of woolly rhinoceros from Klagenfurt
[A1] Legend has it that Klagenfurt was founded after a couple of brave men had slain the abominable "Lindwurm", a winged dragon in the moors adjoining the lake, the staple diet of which is said to have been virgins, but which did not spurn the fat bull on a chain that the men had mounted on a strong tower. The feat is commemorated by a grandiose 9-ton Renaissance monument in the city centre. Although it represents a dragon, it can be regarded as the first palaeontological reconstruction. The head of the statue is modeled on the skull of woolly rhinoceros : In 1335 the cranium of a wooly rhinoceros from the ice-age was found in a gravel pit near Klagenfurt. It was instantly interpreted as the skull of a dragon or Lindwurm. This fossil, which is still at exhibition at the Landesmuseum für Kärnten, served as a model for the head of the Lindwurm.

Attention: Fake !
The following stamps looks like real, but they are not.
"stamps" of Laguna - Philippine's province - shows some fossils of  Australopitheecus sedipa and Paranthropus robustus
Homo floresensis on fake stamp of Indonesian island Pulau Flores 2015

Commemorative Postmarks

30.10.2015 Germany[Sp] 24.09.2015 South Korea [Sp]
18.09.2015 India [Sp] 07.09.2015 Belgium [FDC]  05.09.2015 Belgium [Sp]
20.07.2015 Australia [N]
23.05.2015 Slovenia [Sp]  ??.??.2015 Canada  [PM] [N]
07.05.2015 Spain [FDC]
07.05.2015 Spain  [FDC]
07.05.2015 Spain  *FDC
30.06.2015 Portugal *Sp
07.05.2015 Portugal [Sp] 04.05.2015 Portugal  [FDC]
02.05.2015 Canada [PM] 18.04.2015 Singapore [FDC] 13.04.2015 Canada [PM]
13.04.2015 Canada  [[FDC] 07.03.2015 Transnitria  [FDC] 09.03.2015 Argentina  [FDC]
07.03.2015 Transnitria  [FDC] 05.03.2015 Switzerland  [FDC] 20.02.2015 Lithuania  [FDC]
[FDC]  - Post Marks used on FDC of  official stamp
[PM]    - Permanent postmark: available for a long period of time
[Sp]      - Special postmark: issued for special event and was available for short period of time
[N]       - new design of early introduced postmarks:
 Canada issued in 2001, the new postmark bigger in size and with different font.
  Australia - Darwin is the capital of Northen Territory has their own permanent postmark since a while.
                   The postmark from 2015 is slightly different from the old one.

Post stationary and Special Covers

30.10.2015 Germany [C3] 24.09.2015 Korea south [C2] 18.09.2015 India [C1]
Mammoth from Siegsdorf on poststationary of Germany 2015 Trex dinosaur on commemorative cover of South Korea 2015 stromotolites fossils on special cover and post mark of India 2015
??.??.2015 Czech
Paleontologist Ernst Beyrich on poststationary of Czech 2015

[C1] A Special Cover  and commemorative postmark were released to commemorate Salkhan Fossils on 18th September 2015 at Sonebhadra. Salkhan Fossil Park is a place in Sonebhadra District of Eastern Uttar Pradesh having oldest fossils of the world. 
[C2] A Special Cover  and commemorative postmark were released  for  "Dinosaur stamps of world" exhibition, which took place between 24.09.2015 and 11.10.2015 in  Seoul, South Korea
[C3] A personalized post stationary issued for Fossil and Mineral trade show in Munich. The mammoth is Siegsdorfer's mammoth one of the largest mammoth skeletons found in Germany.



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