15.01.1971 "Fossils and Minerals"  25.06.1975 overprint from 1971
24.09.1999 "Dinosaurs"
Fossils and Minerals on stamps of Mozambique 1971 Petrified woods on overprinted stamp of Mozambique 1975 Dinosaurs on stamps of Mozambique 1999
28.04.2000 "Prehistoric Animals" 17.06.2002 "Prehistoric Animals" 30.09.2002 "Famous People" [1]
Dinosaurs and prehistoric animals on stamps of Mozambique 2000 Dinosaurs and prehistoric animals on stamps of Mozambique 2002 Dinosaurs and Charles Darwin on stamps of Mozambique 2002
10.12.2007 "Dinosaurs" 30.11.2009 "Charles Darwin" 30.01.2010 "Volcanoes" [2]
Dinosaurs on stamps of Mozambique 2007 Dinosaurs and Charles Darwin on stamps of Mozambique 2009 Laetoli footprints on stamps of Mozambique 2010
30.04.2011 "Human Evolution" 30.04.2012  "Endangered and Extinct Animals"
30.06.2012 "Charles Darwin"
30.10.2012 "Mary Anning, British Paleontologist"
28.02.2012 "Space Flight of Friendship 7, 50th Anniv." [3]
Human Evolution on stamps of Mozambique 2011 Dinosaurs, prehistoric animals, Charles Darwin, Mary Anning on stamps of Mozambique 2012 Prehistoric human on space stamps of Mozambique 2012
25.06.2013 "Dinosaurs"
25.09.2013 "Prehistoric animals and humans"
30.04.2014 "Dinosaurs" 15.04.2015 "Dinosaurs"
15.06.2015 "Dinosaurs"
15.06.2015  "Aquatic Prehistoric Animals"
15.08.2015 "Stamps on stamps"
Dinosaurs, prehistoric animals and humans on stamps of Mozambique 2013 Dinosaurs on stamps of Mozambique 2014 Dinosaurs and prehistoric animals on stamps of Mozambique 2015
15.01.2016 "Cave Painting"
15.01.2016 "Dinosaurs"
10.05.2016 "Dinosaurs"
10.08.2016 "Prehistoric humans"
10.11.2016 "Dinosaurs"
15.02.2018  "Dinosaurs"
15.02.2018  "Extinct animals"
15.04.2018 "The Natural History Museum in Berlin"
15.04.2018 "Flying dinosaurs"
Dinosaurs and prehistoric animals on stamps of Mozambique 2016 Dinosaurs and prehistoric animals on stamps of Mozambique 2018


 [1] On 30th Seeptember 2002, Stamperia issued more than 200 stamps of famous personalities, some of them shows dinosaurs and Charles Darwin.

  [2] Laetoli footprints are shown on the stamp. Laetoli is a site in Tanzania, dated to the Plio-Pleistocene and famous for its hominin footprints, preserved in volcanic ash. The site of the Laetoli footprints  is located 45 km south of Olduvai gorge. The location and tracks were discovered by archaeologist Mary Leakey in 1976, perhaps she is shown on the stamp, and were excavated by 1978

 [3]  Prehistoric human on the background

Another stamps to consider

22.05.1998 "Expo ’98, Lisbon"  [A1] 10.12.2007 "Fishes" [A1]
Coelacanth, Latimeria chalumnae on stamp of Mozambique 1998 Coelacanth, Latimeria chalumnae on fish stamp of Mozambique 2007, Click to enlarge


 [A1] Coelacanth,  Latimeria chalumnae, shown on stamp from 1998 and on one stamp from "Fish" mini-sheet from 2007.
On 20 February 1939, the stunning announcement was made that a Coelacanth (Latimeria) had been caught off the Chalumna River mouth near East London (a city in RSA). At that time, the Coelacanth was thought to be extinct for nearly 70 million years. The drama commenced on 22 December 1938, when Capt H Goosen, skipper of the trawler Nenrine, brought ashore a peculiar metallic-blue, heavily-scaledfish with fins resembling legs. Miss Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer, Curator o the East London Museum, was informed of the strangie catch, but was unable to identify the fish, which measured 1,5 m in length and weighed 57 kg. "Searching for African Coelacanths" exhibit of Susan Bahnick Jones explain the story of the "leaving fossil" discovery.

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