Paleontology related stamps of the year 2010

This page shows all official and some personalized post stamps issued by recognized postal authorities around the world in the year 2010, sorted in chronological order.

Highlights of the year:
* Just on the beginning of the year, on January 2nd,  post authority of Germany issued mint and self-adhesive stamps commemorate Bicentenary of  "Museum fuer Naturkunde in Berlin" (Natural Science Museum). The museum of  is one of the biggest and important museums of the type in a world. Spectacular artifact of the museum is 14 meter high the biggest dinosaur skeleton of the world depicted on the stamps.
* Monaco and France came with joint issue stamps on June 1st and 2nd accordantly, commemorate  one hundred years since foundation of  The Institute of Human Paleontology (HPI) - research foundation devoted to the study of human paleontology and prehistory.  It was created in 1910 mainly by Albert 1er, Sovereign Prince of Monaco, and Abbe Breuil.
* South Korea start a row of 3 sets of Dinosaur stamps, shows dinosaurs of three periods:  Triassic , Jurassic  and Cretaceous.  Two more sets issued in 2011 and 2012.  This set is the first one with dinosaur like perforation


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Click on image to enlarge it or to be redirected to description page. Stamps on grey background are Undesired/"Pseudo stamps".

30.11.2010  Moldova 12.10.2010 Jersey 21.09.2010 Peru
prehistoric animals on stamps of Moldova 2010
Archaeology, La Cotte de St Brelade, prehistoric animals, Flint Tools, anthropology, Neanderthals on stamps of Jersey 2010
fossil, prehistoric animal, Thalassocnus littoralis on stamp of Peru 2010
03.09.2010 Switzerland 05.08.2010 Korea South 28.07.2010 Iraq
Dinosaurus: Theropoda , Ichthyosauria, Pterosauria on stamps of Switzerland 2010
dinosaurs on stamps of South Korea 2010
dinosaurs on stamps of Iraq 2010
15.07.2010 Togo 16.06.2010 Korea North 14.06.2010 Brazil
Darwin, dinosaurs on stamps of Togo 2010
dinosaurs on stamps of North Korea 2010
paleontologist Peter Lund and Lagoa Santa on stamp of Brazil 2010
02.06.2010  France
01.06.2010 Monaco 28.05.2010 Paraguay
Institut de paleontologie humaine, human paleontology and prehistory, Albert I, Abbe Breuil on stamp of France 2010
Institut de paleontologie humaine, human paleontology and prehistory, Albert I, Abbe Breuil on stamp of Monaco 2010
Darwin on stamp of Paraguay 2010
12.05.2010 Bosnia and Herzegovina
03.03.2010 New Zealand 25.02.2010 Great Britain
Archeological treasure - Ravlica cave on stamp of Bosnia and Herzogovina 2010
dinosaurs on stamps of New Zealand 2010
The Royal Society, famous scientists on stamps of Great Britain 2010
25.01.2010 Sao Tome 03.06.2010, 09.11.2010... Guinea Bissau 02.01.2010 Germany
dinosaurs on stamps of Sao Tome 2010
dinosaurs on stamps of Guinea Bissau 2010
Bicentenary of Museum for Natural Science in Berlin on self adhesive stamp of Germany 2010
02.01.2010 Germany
zoology, paleontology, dinosaur, Brachiosaurus brancai on stamp of Germany 2010


Some personalized stamps

xx.xx.2010 Japan   xx.xx.2010 Slovenia  09.10.2010 Germany
dinosaur fossil from Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum collection on stamps of Japan 2010 fossil of Mammoth from Kamnik on stamp of Slovenia 201ß fossil of Plateosaurus engelhardti dinosaur from collection of Trossingen Auberlehaus Museum on personalized stamp of Germany 2010



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