1891- 1922  "definitive" [1] 05.03.1949 "100 anniversary of Prince Albert I" [2] 11.02.1983 "50 years of exotic garden, Sightseeing of Monaco" [3]
Prince Albert I on stamps of Monaco 1891-1922 Prince Albert I, Institute for Human Paleontology, Antropology Museum, aurochs from Lascaux cave on stamps of Monaco 1949 Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology on stamp of Monaco 1983
23.05.1985 "25 anniversary of Scientific Research Center of Monaco " [4] 06.05.1998 "150 anniversary of Prince Albert I" 02.10.2000 "40 years since open of Anthropological Museum" [5]
Fossil of prehistoric fish Mene rhombea on stamp of Monaco 1985 Prince Albert I on stamps of Monaco 1998 Skull and jaw of cave bear on stamp of Monaco 2000
08.02.2002 "100 anniversary of prehistoric -antropologic museum"  01.06.2010  "Institut de paleontologie humaine 1910-2010" [6] 24.06.2016  "Centenary of excavations at exotic Garden cave"
Prince Albert I at Anthropology museum on stamps of Monaco 2002 Prince Albert I, Abbe Bruil and Institute for Human Paleontology museum on stamps of Monaco 2010 Prince Albert I, flint tool and goat fossil on stamp of Monaco 2016


[1]  Prince Albert I appeared on many definitive stamps from 1891 to 1922, when he governed principality of Monaco

Paleoanthropology related stamps of Monaco 1949 [2]  In March 1949 Post Authority of Monaco issued a set of 15 stamps "100 anniversary of Prince Albert I".
There are 4 stamps of the set are related to PaleoPhilately: portrait of Prince Albert I who had a keen interest in the origins of man and who founded the "Institute for Human Paleontology" in Paris that was responsible for a number of archeological digs - depicted on stamp witrh face value of 25f. Building of  Antropology Museum depicted on stamp with face value of  40f.  An aurochs from the famous Lascaux cave depicted on stamp with face value of  18f.

Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology on stamp of Monaco 1983 [3] Building of Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology depicted on stamp with face value of 3,30f.  The Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology was founded by Prince Albert I in 1901 « with a view to conserve the relics of primitive humanity excavated in the Principality and neighboring regions ».
The museum boasting a rare and important collection of fossils and excavated treasures originating from the Principality and nearby regions, this museum retraces some of the most significant milestones in the history of humans.

[4]  Fossil of prehistoric fish Mene rhombea shown on left side of the stamp. During the Middle Eocene (Lutetian epoch), about 48 to 40 mya, these fishes lived in the Tethys Ocean, a large tropical sea in the area corresponding to the current Mediterranean.

Skull and jaw of cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) shown on bottom-left corner of the stamp. The cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) was a species of bear that lived in Europe during the Pleistocene and became extinct about 24,000 years ago. 

Joint issue with France:
Prince Albert I on joint issue of France and Monaco

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