Paleontology related stamps of the year 1994

This page shows all official post stamps issued by recognized postal authorities around the world in the year 1994, sorted in chronological order.


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26.12.1994 Tanzania17.12.1994 Algeria08.12.1994 Laos
dinosaurs  on stamps of Tanzania 1994minerals and fossils on stamps of Algeria 1995dinosaurs on stamps of Laos 1994
30.11.1994 Mongolia24.11.1994 Kazakhstan26.09.1994 Canada
dinosaurs on stamps of Mongolia 1994prehistoric animals on stamps of Kazakhstan 1994prehistoric mammals  on stamps of Canada 1994
15.09.1994 Azerbaijan08.09.1994 Tajikistan01.09.1994   Nicaragua
dinosaurs on stamps of Azerbaijan 1994dinosaurs on stamps of Tadjikistan 1994prehistoric animals and dinosaurs on stamps of Nicaragua 1994
16.08.1994 Micronesia16.08.1994 Angola10.08.1994  North Korea
dinosaurs on stamps of Micronesia 1994dinosaurs on stamps of Angola 1994fossils of prehistoric animals and plants  on stamps of North Korea 1994
27.07.1994 Madagascar30.06.1994  Tanzania20.06.1994 Congo
prehistoric animals and dinosaurs on stamps of Madagaskar 1994prehistoric animals and dinosaurs on stamps of Tanzania 1994prehistoric animals Proboscidea on stamps of Congo 1994
20.06.1994 Maldives01.06.1994 Czech16.05.1994 North Cyprus
dinosaurs on stamps of Maldives 1995dinosaurs on stamps of Czech 1994prehistoric human on stamps of North Cyprus 1994
10.05.1994 Cambodia06.05.1994 Montserrat05.05.1994  Isle of Man
prehistoric animals on stamps of Cambodia 1994prehistoric animals , sea monsters on stamps of Montserrat 1994starfish fossil  on stamps of Isle of Man  1994
30.04.1994 Romania27.04.1994 Bulgaria20.04.1994 St. Vincent
dinosaurs on stamps of Romania 1994dinosaurs on stamps of Bulgaria 1994prehistoric animals and dinosaurs on stamps of St Vincent 1994
14.04.1994  Grenada13.04.1994  Grenada05.04.1994  Comoros Islands
prehistoric animals and dinosaurs on stamps of Grenada  1994prehistoric animals and dinosaurs on stamps of Grenada  1994prehistoric animals and dinosaurs on stamps of Comoro Islands 1994
05.04.1994 Jersey28.03.1994 Mali07.03.1994 Croatia
prehistoric animals and prehistoric human on stamps of Jersey 1994prehistoric animals and dinosaurs on stamps of Mali 1994Iguanodon dinosaur on stamps of Croatia 1995
18.02.1994 St. Vincent02.02.1994 Czech27.01.1994 Senegal
dinosaurs on stamps of St Vincent 1994German scholar and scientist, known as "the father of mineralogy"Georgius Agricola on stamps of Czech 1994dinosaurs on stamps of Senegal 1994
25.01.1994 Ascension Islands20.01.1994 Laos??.??.1994 Equatorial Guinea
prehistoric animals, sea mosters on stamps of Ascention Islands 1994prehistoric birds  on stamps of Laos 1995dinosaurs on stamps of Equatorial Guinea 1994
??.??.1994 Togo 

dinosaurs on stamps of Togo 1994



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