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Kazakhstan  1994  "Prehistoric animals"

Issue Date 24.11.1994
ID Michel: 62-67, Bl.3 Scott:90-95, Bl. 96 Stanley Gibbons: 60-65, Bl. 66 Yvert: 35-40, Bl. 2 UPU: N/A Category: pR
Author A. Yackevich
Stamps in set 6 + 1 Block
Value 1 T. Entelodon
1.20 T. Saurolophus
2 T. Plesiosaurus
3 T. Sordes pilosus
5 T. Mosasaurus
7 T. Megaloceros giganteus

Miniature sheet, 10 T. Coelodonta antiquitatis.
Size (width x height) 42x30mm, Block 91x70mm
Layout 25 sstamps (5x5) in sheet
Products FDC
Paper coated paper
Perforation 12.5x12
Print Technique Multicolor, offset
Printed by Goznak, Moscow
Quantity 1,500,000 1,100,000 900,000 650,000 550,000 200,000 100,00
Issuing Authority Kazpost (JSC Kazpost, Kazpost)
Prehistoric animals on stamps of Kazakhstan 1994

On October 24th, 1994 Post Authority of Kazakhstan issued set of 6 stamps and a block dedicated to prehistoric animals that roamed once the teritorry of modern Kazakhstan.


Note: names of some animals are  misspelled Megaloceros. giganteus is  Megaloceros giganteum, Coelodonta is misspelled Koelodonta. Moreover Saurolophus and Sordes are shown with tails that are too flexible.


Fossils of these animals are on show in Museum of Nature  



FDC Used Covers

prehistoric animals on used covers from Kazakhstan 1994

References: StampedOut  Muzej Prirody  (Russian) Entelodon of Kazakhstan (Russian)
Articles:  Prehistoric Fauna of Kazakhstan (Russian)


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