Paleontology related stamps of the years 1960-1969

This page shows all official post stamps issued by recognized postal authorities around the world in the years 1960-1969, sorted in chronological order. 


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25.09.1969 Denmark21.09.1969 Hungary17.06.1969 Czechoslovakia
Nicolas Steno, Nils Stensen on stamps of Denmark 1969fossils on stamps of Hungary 1969anthropologist Ales Hrdlicka and other famous persons on stamps of Czechoslovakia 1969
24.03.1969 Czechoslovakia10.03-17.03.1969 Francexx.xx.1968 Quaiti State of Hadhramaut
Ammonite on Scientific and Cultural Institutions stamps of Czechoslovakia 1969paleontologist Georges Cuvier and Mastodon skull on famous persons stamps of France 1969prehistoric and modern animals on stamps of Quaiti State of Hadhramaut 1968
16.09.1968   Fujeira08.08.1968 Czechoslovakia24.06.1968 Romania
Dimetrodon and dinosaurs on stamps of Fujeira 1968various fossils on International Geological Congress stamps of Czechoslovakia 1968Emil Racovita and Ion Ionescu on stamps of Romania 1968
12.01.1968 USA 29.07.1967 Romania02.05.1967 Kenya Uganda Tanzania
Thomas Jefferson on stamp of USA 1968Deinotherium on stamps of famous persons of Romania 1967Proconsul skull on Archaeological Relics of East Africa stamps of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania 1967
31.03.1967 Mongolia31.03.1967 Cuba  25.11.1966 Romania
dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals on stamps of Mongolia 1967Human evolution on stamps of Cuba 1967prehistoric mammals on stamps of Romania 1966
22.10.1966 Argentina20.09.1966 Chad28.05.1966  Belgium
paleontologists Juan B. Ambrosetti and Francisco P. Moreno on Scientists stamps of Argentina 1966Skull of Chadanthropus uxoris on stamp of Chad 1966fossil of Iguanodon on National Science Heritage stamps of belgium 1966
05.03.1966 Poland09.12.1965 Tanzania30.06.1965 San Marino
dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals on stamps of Poland 1966Zinjanthropus skull on definitive stamp of Tanzania 1965dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals on stamps of San Marino 1965
05.03.1965 Poland10.10.1963 USSR20.07.1962  Romania
dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals on stamps of Poland 1965geologist and explorer V.A.Obruchev on stamp of USSR 1963paleontologist Grigore Cobalcescu on famous persons stamps set of Romania 1962
27.04.1962 Netherlands 01.06.1961 Switzerland 01.06.1960 Switzerland
Fossil ammonite on International Congress of Museum Experts stamps of Netherland 1962fossils of Scorpaena porcus and Asterotheca on Pro Patria stamps of Switzerland 1961fossil of Andrias scheuchzeri on Pro Patria stamps of Switzerland 1960
03.02.1960 Cuba
Carlos de la Torre, Naturalist and Paleontologist on overprinted stamps of Cuba 1960



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