Paleontology related stamps of the years 1950-1959

This page shows all official post stamps issued by recognized postal authorities around the world in the years 1950-1959, sorted in chronological order. 


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10.12.1959 Poland16.10.1959 Czechoslovakia01.06.1959 Switzerland
Charles Darwin and other famous scientists on stamps of Poland 1959Charles Darwin and Joseph Haydn on stamps of Czechoslovakia 1959Salamander fossil (Andrias scheuchzeri) and minerals on Pro Patria stamps of Switzerland 1959
25.04.1959 Romania01.04.1959 China05.02.1959 USSR
Nicolas Steno, Nils Stensen on stamps of Denmark 1959Museum of Natural History on stamps of China 1959Charles Darwin on stamp of USSR 1959
29.12.1958 Ecuador26.12.1958 USSR29.08.1958  Cuba
French Anthropologist Paul Rivet on stamps of Ecuador 1959Russian paleontologist K. F. Rulye (Rulie) on stamps of USSR 1958Naturalist and Paleontologist Carlos de la Torre, Megalocnus rodens skeleton and ammonite fossil on stamps of Cuba 1958
19.06.1958 Germany (GDR)31.05.1958 Switzerland15.04.1958 China
Charles Darwin and Carl Linnei on stamps of Germany (GDR) 1958fossil of Ammonite and some minerals on Pro Patria stamps of Switzerland 1958fossils of trilobite Kaolishania pustulosa, dinosaur Lufengosaurus huenei, giant deer Sinomegaceros pachosteus on stamps of China 1958
15.02.1958 Bulgaria11.01.1958 Argentina08.01.1958 USSR
Carl Linnei and famous persons on stamps of Bulgaria 1958La Plata museum, Smilodon statue on stamp of Argentina 1958Carl Linnei on stamp of USSR 1958
  xx.xx.1957 Argentina 30.11.1956 Argentina21.11.1956  Germany (GDR)
paleontologist Florentino Ameghino on stamp of Argentina 1957paleontologist Florentino Ameghino on stamp of Argentina 1956Georgius Agricola on stamp of Germany GDR 1956
15.01.1955 USA 09.04.1954 USA 02.11.1953 Germany
Charles Wilson Peale and fossil of mastodon stamps of USA 1955Thomas Jefferson on stamp of USA 1954Johann Christian Senckenberg and other famous persons on stamps of Germany 1953
11.08.1952 Algeria03.03.1952 USSR 15.08.1951 USSR
ammonite Berbericeras sekikensis on stamp of Algeria 1952Biologist and Paleontologist V. O. Kovalevsky on stamp of USSR 1952Evolutionist A. N. Severtsov and many other famous Russian scientists on stamps of USSR 1951
13.01.1951 India
Stegodon ganesa on stamp of India 1951



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