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Moldova 2010 "Extinct Animals from Moldova"

Issue Date 30.11.2010
ID Michel: 719- 726 ScottStanley Gibbons:  Yvert:   UPU:  MD036.10-MD043.10  Category: pF
Author Designer:  Vladimir Melnik
Stamps in set 4 + 4 in Block
Value 85 B.    Mammuthus
1 L.       Ursus spelaeus 
1,20 L. 
Panthera spelaea,
4,20 L. 
Bison Block:
1,20 L.  Pontoceros
1,50 L. 
5,40 L.  Stephanorhinus
8,50 L.  Homotherium
Size (width x height) 46 mm x 27.50  Block: 114 mm x 108 mm
Layout 4 MS of 10 stamp each (2x5), Block with 4 stamps
Products FDC  x2  MS x4 MC x8
Paper Coated
Perforation 14 x 14.25
Print Technique Offset
Printed by Enterprise d'Etat editorial-polygraphique Tipografia Centrala Chisinau Moldova
Quantity 200,000 150,000 100,000  50,000 Block: 20,000
Issuing Authority Ministere du developpement de l'information, Republique de Moldova


On November 30, 2010, the Moldovan Post issued a set of four single stamps and one souvenir sheet, designed by Vladimir Melnic, devoted to animal species now extinct in Moldova.

The four stamps of the sheet evoke four extinct genera of animals that lived, among others, in this region of Moldova during Prehistory era: Mammuthus, Ursus spelaeus (Cave Bear),  Panthera spelaea, Bison

Another four animals depicted on stamps of the Block:  Pontoceros, AnancusStephanorhinus, Homotherium.


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