Paleontology related stamps, post marks, post stationary and special covers depicted dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, fossils, fossil found sites of the year 2018 sorted in chronological order.

If you know about any other Philatelic object (stamp, postmark, commemorative cover, etc. ) related to Paleontology, issued in the year 2018 which is not mentioned below, please send a message to Admin of this site.


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This Month:

xx.01.2018 FDC of Armenian "Flora and fauna of the ancient world" stamps

Next Month:
13.02.2018 - Australia - Jurassic Park - stamp pack
16.02.2018 Latvia Unique exhibits of the Latvian Museum of Natural History

Later Next year:
09.03.2018 - Slovenia - Mammals fossil: Mastodon, Anancus arvernensis
??.03.2018 - Ukraine - Cucuteni–Trypillia culture

27.08.2018 - Belgium - Prehistoric animals. Mini Sheet of 10 stamps with Mammoth on margin. The stamps designed by the same artist, 
Constantijn Van Cauwenberge), nickname Conz who designed Dinosaur stamps of Belgium 2015.

03.09.2018 Moldova "Joint Issue: Republic of Moldova, Romania, Ukraine - The Cucuteni–Trypillia Culture"

10.10.2018 Czech Republic  200 years of the National Museum in Prague.

Dinosaurs on stamps of Australia 2018

Prehistoric animals on stamps of Belgium 2018


Official stamps
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05.01.2018  France  [1] 
Fossils on stamps of France 2018

Helminthoides Flysch on stamp of France 2018
 [1]  Booklet of 12 self adhesive stamps "Works of Nature".  
One of  the stamps "'Helminthoides Flysch" or "Helminthoid Flysch'"

Helminthe are parasitic worms .  The term helminth does not correspond to a specific zoological category.
"Helminthoides" or '"helminthoid" refers to a category of deep sea trace fossils with a characteristic tight meandering pattern. Traces of this sort are now placed in the several different ichnogenera including Nereites, Helmthinopsis, Helminthoida, etc.

" refers to a kind of sedimentary rock succession deposited in deeper water settings adjacent to a rising mountain system.
So, 'Helminthoides Flysch' or 'Helminthoid Flysch' is a term for flysch deposits that contain (in certain beds) a specific assemblage of deep water trace fossils.

Official stamps of private post companies



Some personalized stamps



Another stamps to consider
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01.01.2018  Homg Kong [A1]  
Definitive stamps of Hong Kong 2018


[A1] These new definitive stamps are defined by the original designs of the 2014 Definitive Stamps that feature unique geo-attractions of the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark, and portray Ma Shi Chau, Yan Chau and Fa Shan.
At least one of these stamps can be consider as fossil fund place.
The rock formation at Ma Shi Chau contains a variety of fossils such as crinoids, brachipods, pteropods and corals. From these fossils, geologists have determined that the rock layers formed during the Permian peri od, about 270 million years before present. More info is here.

Attention: Fake !
The following stamps looks like real, but they are not.



Commemorative Postmarks (legend is below)

[FDC]  - Post Marks used on FDC of  official stamp
[PM]    - Permanent postmark: available for a long period of time
[Sp]      - Special postmark: issued for special event and was available for short period of time
[N]       - new design of early introduced postmarks



Post stationary and special covers




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