I found a first fossil when I was 12-13 years old. It was a teeth of some prehistoric fish in a peace of stone. I was surprised as in the city where a lived is no see or a big river. By going to Nature History Museum, I discover big exposition about prehistoric life at our region. Museum's employee was nice and explained me shortly about my fossil. I was amazing, and start look for a fossils. After some time I had some collection of ammonites, belemnites  petrified woods, teethes of prehistoric fishes.... It was a fun to learn more about it and I dream to be a paleontologist.

At the same time about, I  start to collect a stamps depicted dinosaurs, fossils, paleontologist. It was not many stamps of this thematic available (at middle 1980-s ), internet was not in public use (nobody even hear such a word).  After I finish a school my family decide to move to another country. Emigration is not an easy process, especially if you are moving to a country with another culture and different, totally unknown to you language. Since than many changes is happened in my life: adaptation in new country, military service, study in college, married, get a job in another country..... No much time left for a hobby.

Time is over, I complete a study at Electronic and Computer since,  work as hardware designer, but still keep an interest at paleontology since and try to follow. Sometimes ago, my growing up daughter, found my old stamp-album .We are both have been amazed. By looking in internet I found a lot of new stamps of paleontology thematic. Now we are both collecting stamps.

This web site is represent my virtual stamp collection: includes stamps I already have and the ones I have on my  purchase plan. I also try to put together some interesting info about a stamps and paleontology together.  Hope this info can be useful for some more people. Any feedback, comments or even complaints are welcome: admin@paleophilatelie.eu

Enjoy it !

Paleophilatelist, 13.12.2010, Munich Germany       

   P.S.  You can find me under PaleoPhilatelist nickname on the following philatelic sites: Colnet, My Philately, Catawiki., and many international forums  I also have a smal store on Delcampe where I sale some duplicates and outlets of my collection.