Some  philatelic exhibitions related to Paleontology thematic.

This area of the Paleophilatelie website is to allow stamp collectors to publish their philatelic exhibits, relate to a topic of this website, online. This will showcase quality exhibits and allow viewers to view exhibits that they might not be able to see otherwise. Visitors is  able to see these exhibits and be able to examine and learn from them and hopefully get energized and exhibit themselves. 
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Prehistoric Marine Reptilies
(Praechistorische Meeresreptilien)
Pterosaurs (Flugsauriers) Dinousaurs in Europe
(Dinosaurier Funde in Europa)
Dinousaurs in China and Mongolia
(Dinosaurier Funde in China und Mongolei)
The Complete Trex  Age of Dinosaurs
Marine Reptilie philatelic exhibition Pterosaurs philatelic exhibition Dinosaurs in Europe philatelic exhibition Dinosaurs in China and Mongolia philatelic exhibition The Complete trex philatelic exhibition Dinosaurs on stamps

Presentations provided by Mr. Rudolf Hofer, Switzerland technical editor of Paleontology section  of "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Bergbau und Geowissenschaften e. V."  community.
Language: German;  Pterosaurs exhibit is partially translated by Admin

External exhibit
 (PDF file)
Author: Fran Adam, USA
Language: English
Presentations provided by Mrs.  Romina Aimar, Argentina
Languages: English and Spanish

  Neandertal  Human Evolution Paleontology The African Coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae Evolution of Animals
Neandertal philatelic exhibition philatelic exhibition Human Evolution Paleontology, part of promotional presentation of Biophilately unit of ATA The African Coelacanth Latimeria chalumnae philatelic exhibition
External exhibit (website)
Author: Fran Adam, USA
Language: English
Presentation provided by Fernando Muoz, Spain   
Language: English
Presentation created by Michael Kogan (Admin of this site), Germany .
Language: English
Presentations provided by Susan Jones, USA
Language: English Format: A3
External exhibit (website)
Author: Giuseppe Morabito, Italy
Language: Italien

Darwin and Evolution
Darwin and Evolution
Presentation provided by Jos van den Bosch,  Netherlands,.
Language: German

None philatelic exhibits

Chocolate Dinosaurs and Meaty Mammals 
Chocolate Dinosaurs and Meaty Mammals philatelic exhibition
Presentation provided by Susan  Jones, USA
Language: English   Format: A3

Youth Philately: philatelic exhibits created by young philatelists

Vielfaeltiges Leben im Mittelalter der Erde (Diverse live in middle age of the earth) My Prehistoric Zoo

Herbivoren-Pflanzenfressende Dinosaurier Was ich ueber die saurier weiss
(What I know about Dinosaurs)
Diverse live in middle age of the earth philatelic exhibition

Presentation provided by Torben  Spingler (16), Germany

Language: German

External exhibit (website)
Author: Spencer Stahl, USA
Language: English
External exhibit (website)
Author: Pascal, age group 13-15, Germany
Language: German
External exhibit (website)
Author: Eric, age group 19-21, Germany
Language: German

Posters with philatelic items related to Paleontology.

Cephalopods poster Brachiopods poster Philatelic posters for III Symposium on Brazilian Paleoinvertebrates Philatelic posters for X Brazilian Symposium of Vertebrates Paleontology
Cephalopods on stamps (Poster)
Created by  Dr. A.V. Varttak
Brachiopods in Philately (Poster)
Created by  Dr. Giuseppe Buono
The following posters created by Prof. Dr. Antonio Carlos Sequeira Fernandes, Professor of National Museum of Brazil, Departament of Geologiy and Paleontology. 

Album pages related to Paleontology.

Album pages of Paleontology related stamps and FDC of Peru Album pages of Dinosaur related stamps
Art work of Juan Carlos from Peru (Album pages)

Some other site with collections of philatelic exhibitions
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