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Portugal  2003  "Dinosaurs of Portugal" (Dinossurios em Portugal) 

Issue Date 01.01.2003 
ID Michel:  N/A Scott:  Stanley Gibbons:  Yvert:   UPU:  N/A Category: pR
Author Jose Projecto
Stamps in set 4 self-adhesive ATM labels
Value Sauropod with footprints,
Size (width x height)   55x30 mm
Layout stripe of 4 self adhesive labels
Products FDC - none
Perforation none
Print Technique Offset
Printed by  Ovelar/Espanha
Quantity  N/A
Issuing Authority  CTT Correios de Portugal
dinosaurs and their footprint on ATM stamps of Portugal 2003

Om March 1st 2002  Post Administration of Portugal (CTT Correios de Portugal) replaced dinosaur labels at ATM machines by self adhesive labels with symbols of  new European currency EURO. However, some roles with dinosaur stamps are left in some ATM machines much longer and was issued even in the year 2003. The stamps from  2003 distinguished  from stamps of 2002 by face value of two stamps - domestic mail up to 20 gr., €0.30  instead  €0.27 and letter to Spain up to 20gr., €0.55  instead  €0.54. These stamps, are  very rare and even not mentiioned in major stamps catalogues such as Michel or Scott, but described in national catalogue - Afinsa 2011 or later. 

Since November 1999 till March 2002 Post Authority of Portugal issued 3-5 various sets of machine (ATM) stamps per year.   "Dinosaurs of Portugal" stamps are one of them. Four different stamp-template depicted some dinosaurs and their footprints. Fossilized remains of all of them as well as their  footprints are found in Portugal. 

These stamps are printed  with 7 predefined values: 

Change of postal rates on dinosaur ATM stamps of Portugal between 1999 and 2003
Year of issue
Correio normal (regulat mail) Correio Azul (priority mail)
up to 20 g.
up to
100 g.
up to 20 g.
except Spain,
up to 20 g.
Rest of the world,
up to 20 g.
up to 20 g
up to 20 g.
1999-2001 *50.00* *85.00* *95.00* *100.00* *140.00* *80.00* *350.00*
2000 *50.00$ / €0.25 *85.00$ / €0.42 *95.00$ / €0.45 *100.00$ / €0.50 *140.00$ / €0.70 *80.00$ / €0.42 *350.00$ / €1.75
2002 €0.27 €0.45 €0.46 €0.54 €0.70 €0.43 €1.75
2003 €0.30 €0.46 €0.47 €0.55 €0.70 €0.43 €1.75
different machine of Portugal which issued dinosaur ATM stamps in 2002
Amiel machine                        SMD machine                       epost-Newvision machine

The dinosaur ATM stamps were on sale in three different  machines: AMIEL, SMD and ePost NEWVISION.

  • Stamps issued by Amiel machine made bold and large text, some stamps are in black
  • Stamps of are issued by SMD machine had medium size text on it.  
  • Stamps of are issued by epost-Newvision machine had small size text on it.

Here are some examples of the dinosaur ATM stamps:
Stamp issued by Amiel machine  Stamps of are issued by SMD machine Stamps of are issued by epost-Newvision machine 

dinosaur ATM stamp of Portugal 2003 issued by Amiel machine

dinosaur ATM stamp of Portugal 2003 issued by SMD machine

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Set of all 7 predefined values of  dinosaur ATM stamps of Portugal 2003 (the values on stamps at right are inverted)
dinosaur ATM stamps of Portugal 2003 dinosaur ATM stamps of Portugal 2003 with inverted values

Acknowledgement :

   Many thanks to fellow stamp collector Vitor Vieira   and  José Lalanda Jorge from Portugal, for his help to find some information about these stamps and who share scans of some stamps and covers.

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