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Poland 1993 "Amber route"

Issue Date 29.01.1993
ID Michel: 3426-3429 Scott: 3136-3139, BL. 3140 Stanley Gibbons:  3453-3456, BL: 3457 Yvert: 3227-3330  UPU: N/A Category: pF
Author Designer: A. Jeziorkowski
Stamps in set 4 + 1
Value PLZ 1500 Milk amber
PLZ 2000 Red amber
PLZ 2500 Green amber
PLZ 3000 Limpid amber with insect enclosed.
Block PLZ 20 000 Excerpt of a necklace on the background of the map of Poland according to Abraham Ortelius " Teatrum Orbis Terrarum 1570"
Size (width x height) 30 x 45 mm
Layout 20 stamps in sheet plus mini-sheet
Products FDC x 2   Block x2

Mini Sheet was printed in two varieties. The serial number is printed in two different fonts / sizes.

Perforation 13.25 x 13.25
Print Technique

offset, multicolor

Printed by  
Quantity 1.486.000 1.493.000 1.484.000 1.480.000 Block: 884.800
Issuing Authority Polish Post



 Amber street set is issued for International philatelic exhibition Polska '93 in Poznan. The set present four different types of amber: Milk, Red, Green and Limpid.


Amber necklace is depicted on Block,  on the background of the map of the amber-bearing areas in Poland, Lithuania and the region of Koenigsberg (Kaliningrad) according to Abraham Ortelius "Teatrum Orbis Terrarum 1570"















References:   Poczta Polska  


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