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Turkey 2012 "World environment day (Dinosaurs)"

Issue Date 05.06.2012
ID Michel:  ScottStanley GibbonsYvert:   UPU:   Category: pR
Author Graphic Design: Bulent Ates
Stamps in set 4
Value 50 Kurus  Carnotaurus
1 TL         Pteranodon
1 TL         T-Rex
2 TL         Triceratops
Size (width x height) Block 116x86mm
Layout 4 stamps in Block
Products FDC x4 
Print Technique Digital
Printed by  PTT Printing House
Quantity 250.000
Issuing Authority PTT

"Many of the creatures living in the worls are decreasing in numbers and their species are facing extinction. Some of the extinct species theat people wonder about the most are dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs that ruled life on land 230 millions years ago, became completely extinct 65 milions years ago. There were herbivourus, carnivorous and omnivorous dinosaur species. In 1841 Richard Owen combined the Greek worlds "deinos" (terrible), "saurus" (lizard) to name these creatures Dinosauria (Dinosaur).  Noanswer has been found yet as to how the dinosaurs, which lived on the earth a very long time, became extinct. The generaly accepted idea is that a meteor about 10km in diameter collided with the earth.

The subject of World Environment Day (Dinosaurs) has been devoted by our organization (PTT) to create a commemortaive block, action stamp, first day envelope and an introductory booklet which have been presented for circulation." 

Note: no fossils of any dinosaur or pterosaur found in Turkey to date.

(Carnivorous Bull)

had a hallower scull and horns directly above its eyes. It was 9.0 meter in legth and could reach 3.5 meter in heigh when standing erect. It lived in South America.

(Winged and Toothless)

it was one of the biggest pterosaurs (Winged Lizard). Its wing span was over 5 meters. It had a long a bony plume behind its head. Pteranodon lived in the same period as the dinosaurs.

(King of the Reptilies)

Tyrannosaurus Rex was the most terrifying carnivorous that ever lived. It had 20 cm teeth. It was 14 meter long and could reach 5-6 meters when erect. It lived in Nirth America and China 67 millions years ago.

(Three Horned Face)

A species of herbivore. It was 9 meter long and could reach 3 meters tall when standing erect. It lived in North America 65-70 million years ago. Triceratops had a large bony collare and three hirns



FDC Used on Cover
Info Brochure Book

Dual language book about dinosaurs on Turkish and English, contain some post cards and hologramm souvenir stamp without any glue on a back side




Acknowledgement :

   Many thanks to  fellow stamp collector zkan Ipek from Turkey, for his help to find some some information about these stamps and nice covers he made and sent to me.

Wikipedia  Info Brochure


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