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Slovenia 1993 "Fossils of Dolzan Gorge"

Issue Date 07.05.1993
ID Michel: 50  Scott: 172 Stanley Gibbons:  206 Yvert:  45  UPU: N/A   Category: pF
Author Drawing: Mirko Majer, Design: Judita Skalar
Stamps in set 1
Size (width x height) 28,80 x 40,32 mm
Layout Sheet of 25 stamps
Products FDC x1 
Paper muflep 90g, gummed
Perforation 13 x 14
Print Technique  4 color offset
Printed by DELO - TISKARNA d. d., Ljubljana
Issuing Authority Posta Slovenije
fossil of SCHWAGERINA CARNIOLICA on stamp of Slovenia 1993


The world known palaeontological locality in the Dolzan Gorge above Trzic offers to the visitor an inexhaustible wealth of various Lower Permian fossils. Solely the brachiopods amount to about 80 distinct species, and among these more than 20 species are new, first discovered and described from this locality. Extraordinary is also the richness of large foraminifers, several of which were first found here. One of these fossils is the sphaeric fusulinid Schwagerina carniolica (Kahler & Kahler) - the Carniolian Schwagerina which was discovered in black limeston at the second turn of the road in the Dolzan Gorge, and described as new species in 1937. Its test is a bout 9.5 mm long and 8 mm wide. The animal lived about 280 million years ago, at the time when in the warm ancient sea the Lower Permian Pseudoschwagerina limestone was deposited.

Prof.dr. Anton Ramovs



fossil of SCHWAGERINA CARNIOLICA on First day Cover of Slovenia 1993

Circulated FDC
fossil of SCHWAGERINA CARNIOLICA on circulated FDC of Slovenia 1993fossil of SCHWAGERINA CARNIOLICA on circulated FDC of Slovenia 1993

References:   Posta Slovenije


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