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Moldova 1995 "Exhibits from the National Ethnographic Museum"

Issue Date 06.04.1995
ID Michel: 161-163 Scott: 161-163 Stanley Gibbons: 171-173 Yvert:  132-134 UPU:  N/A  Category: pF
Author Designer:  Vladimir Sinitki
Stamps in set 3
Value 4b Urns and becklace
10b+2b Dinotherium(Deinotherium) gigantissimum, reconstruction and skeleton.
1,80L + 30b Coins
Size (width x height) 55 mm x 32.80mm
Layout 3 MS of 10 stamps (5x2) each
Products FDC  x2 MS x3
Paper Coated
Perforation 13.25 x 14
Print Technique Offset
Printed by Bundesdruckerei, Germany
Quantity 500,000 500,000 25,500
Issuing Authority

These stamps are represent some exponates of Museum of Ethnography and Nature is the first Moldavian museum. It was founded in 1889 by baron Steward (first, it was called "Zoological, Agricultural, and Handicraft Museum of Basarabia") and during the 20th century it used to be the laboratory for the local scientists: F. Ostermann, S. Miller, F. Porouchik, I. Sukhov, B. Taraboukhin, M. Pocoara and others. Building of the Museum was constructed in 1905, and its Oriental style is unique in Moldova.

For the years Museum has been maintaining two basic directions of its scientific effort: ethnology and natural history. Now it is famous for its geological, paleontological, zoological, entomological,
archaeological, ethnographical and numismatic collections. Among the thousand of Museum�s exhibits there is set up the entire Dinoterium Gigantisimus skeleton, as well as the famous archaeological treasures, Bessarabian carpets of the 19th century etc. Museum�s collections are periodically exhibited in the museums of Europe, America, Asia and Africa as the cultural heritage of the Republic of Moldova

Stamp with a value of "10b +2b" depicted Dinotherium (Deinotherium)  gigantissimum.  T

Czech 2005, MiNr:452

he skeleton was found in 1966 near the village Pripiceni, Moldova. The first description of this animal was made by the scientist Grigorie Stefanescu (1836-1911).

 Reconstruction of Dinotherium at the left side of the stamp is after Zdenek Burian picture. See original on the right side.







Used stamp on envelope








Mini Sheet

References: Posta Moldovei  World of Moldova  Tur.MD


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