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Korea South 2012 "The Age of Dinosaurs (3rd)"

Issue Date 08.08.2012
ID Michel:  Scott: Stanley Gibbons:  Yvert:   UPU:    Category: pR
Author Jiwon MO
Stamps in set 4
Value Won 340  - Pachycephalosaurus
Won 340 - Tyrannosaurus
Won 340 - Oviraptor
Won 340 - Protoceratops
Size (width x height) 50mm X 33mm 
Layout MS of 12 sxtamps: 2 4 + 4 (four stamps setenant, 250mm 150mm)
Products FDC  x1   MC x4    MS x1
Paper White Unwatermarked
Perforation 13
Print Technique Offset, six colors + Intaglio, one color
Printed by Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation 
Quantity 408,000 stamps each
Issuing Authority Korea Post

As the third installment of The Age of Dinosaurs Series Stamps, Post of Korea introduces the Cretaceous dinosaurs of the Mesozoic Era. The Cretaceous Period, the last period of the Mesozoic Era, refers to about 80 million years spanning from about 145 million years ago to 65 million years ago. During this period, a wide diversity of animals such as ammonites, dinosaurs, and birds, prospered with angiosperms. 

  Pachycephalosaurus As an herbivorous dinosaur known as a dome-headed dinosaur, it is characterized by very thick skull that resembled a dome. Domed skull up to 25 cm thick was surrounded by a series of bumps, and the sharp bumps also existed around its mouth. Its flat teeth were bent backwards, with saw-like blades helping it to cut leaves. Pachycephalosaurus lived in U.S. and Canada, grew to be about 8 meters long and weighted 1~2 tons.


As a carnivorous dinosaur of the late Cretaceous period, it is one of the most frightening and fiercest dinosaurs, as indicated by its name which means tyrant lizard. It is easily distinguished with anatomical features fit to attack and dominate other dinosaurs such as sharp, cone-shaped teeth as long as 20 cm, saw-like blades both in front and back of the teeth, big and long hind legs, and sharp claws. Tyrannosaurus lived in U.S. and Canada, grew up to 10~14 m long and weighted 4.5~7 tons.


 As an omnivorous dinosaur of the Cretaceous Period, Oviraptor was named egg stealer and characterized by a crest on its skull. It had a short dome-shaped skull, curved beak with no teeth, long and slender hind legs and a short tail. Oviraptor was 1.5~2.5 m long and weighted 25~35 kg, which has been found in Mongolia. It is believed that Oviraptor was very agile animal and could run swiftly.


 As an herbivore of the late Cretaceous Period, Protoceratops is characterized by a large skull with a frill comparable to its body size. Its body was bulky like a large pig, showing a primitive form. It also had a beak much like that of a parrot. Equipped with a strong and hard beak with sharp teeth, it is assumed to have been able to masticate plants very well. Protoceratops lived in Mongolia and China, was 1.8 m long and weighted 150 kg.




Mini Sheet  Maxi Cards (private issue)

back side of the Mini Sheets 2010-2012

FDC Booklet 

back side of these FDCs


Booklet with dinosaur stamps of South Korea 2010, 2011, 2012



Info Brochure Circulated covers




Regular cover to Germany, with quite some overpy.There are even some more special cancelations on the back side

 Register letter to Germany, with some extra stamps on the back side


References:  KoreaNet   K-Stamp Korean stamp postal services 


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