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Issue Date 23.06.1999
ID Michel: 221-222 Scott: 3094a-3094b Stanley Gibbons: 242  Yvert: 216-217  UPU: N/A Category: pP
Author Graphic designer  Jan Kavan
Engraver  Miloš Ondrácek
Stamps in set 2 + 2 tabs
Value 13 CZK - the portrait of the French geologist and paleontologist J. Barrande (1799 - 1883)
31 CZK - different kinds of trilobites: Deiphon forbesi, Ophioceras simplex, Carolicrinus barrndei 
Top right tab: Eudolatites dubius, crinoid, Guerichina strangulata, Dendrograptus klouceki

Bottom left tab: Placoparia barrandei, Pompeckium kuthami,
Tropidodiscus pusillus.
Size (width x height) 40 mm x 26 mm
Layout  Minis sheets of 2 stamps and two tabs
Products FDC  x2
Perforation 11.5 x 11
Print Technique  recess print from flat plate in yellow, blue, green, dark green and red
Printed by Post Printing House 
Issuing Authority Czech Post 


Joachim Barrande  (1799 - 1883)

was a French geologist and palaeontologist, his attention was attracted to the fossils from the Lower Palaeozoic rocks of Bohemia (Czech Republic).  For ten years (1840–1850) he made a detailed study of these rocks, engaging workmen specially to collect fossils, and in this way he obtained upwards of 3500 species of graptolites, brachiopoda, mollusca, trilobites and fishes.He was a fervent advocate of the theory of the catastrophes (as taught by Georges Cuvier), thus opposing Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Barrande's book described more than 4,000 fossil species, and it continues to be used as a reference book today.  





FDC Mini sheet

Used on cover with psot mark 10.11.12

back side of the cover with some extra stamps

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