Transkei (South Africa)

Paleontology and Paleoanthropology related stamps (fossils, prehistoric animals)

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Transkei, The Transkei, officially the Republic of Transkei, was a Bantustan—an area set aside for members of a specific ethnicity—and nominal parliamentary democracy in the southeastern region of South Africa. Its capital was Umtata, which was renamed Mthatha in 2004.
Transkei represented a significant precedent and historic turning point in South Africa's policy of apartheid and "separate development"; it was the first of four territories to be declared independent of South Africa. Throughout its existence, it remained an internationally unrecognized, diplomatically isolated, politically unstable de facto one-party state, which at one point broke relations with South Africa, the only country that acknowledged it as a legal entity. In 1994, it was reintegrated into its larger neighbour and became part of the Eastern Cape province.
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Transkei issued its own stamps during its independent time: 26.10.1976 - 26.04.1994. However, these stamps are still valid for post in South Africa. Example of a letter with stamps of Transkei sent to Germany in 2015 is here.

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18.01.1990  "Plant fossils" (1st set in series) 17.09.1992 "Fossils" (2nd set in series) 18.06.1993 "Fossils: Prehistoric animals" (3nd set in series)
Plant fossils on stamps of Transkei 1990 Fossils on stamps of Transkei 1992 Prehistoric animals on stamps of Transkei 1993

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