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Pterosaurs presentation, page 3

Translation from German

Page titel:  Rhamphorhynchoidea

Subtitle:  Eudimorphodon ranzil 

The text: The first fossil found in Southern Limestone Apls, Italy in 1973. As the oldest Pterosaur he has primitive characteristics.
The teeth has not one but fife small cusps. The jaw was 6m long and has 25 teeth in upper jaw and 26 on the lower. There are 3 diffeent species.

Wingspan: 1m
Time: Late Triassic (220 MY - 215 MY ago)
Diet: fish
Found sites: Europe, North America

Text under images  (from left to right, top to buttom)

 Long tail
 Ate incesct in  young adge
 Leaved near to a see
 Lags are adjust to swimming
 24.5.2008 Maxi card of Greenland with Eudimorphodon cromptonellus





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