Gallery of Paleontology and Paleanthropology related FDC covers

Here you can see almost 800 images of clean and postal used FDC with official and local stamps depicted   dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, prehistoric plants, fossils,  paleontologists and paleoanthropoligists, natural history museums as well as some contributors to Paleontology and Paleoanthroplogy science, Charles Darwin for example.

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Term: FDC cover is a cover with post stamp canceled by either commemorative, specially designed, pictorial, or regular postmark with date of official stamp release, indicating the city and date where the item was first issued. Depending on the policy of the nation issuing the stamp, official firs tday postmarks may sometimes be applied to covers weeks or months after the date indicated.Most Post Authoriry around the world designs cover with similar design of the stamps, other uses regular covers fro FDC purpose.

Due to big amount of Paleontology related FDC added to the site, FDC with stamps of fossil found places,museums with paleontologic exhibitions, contributors to Paleontology since are removed from this gallery. Another gallery with these FDC will be added later on

Sample pages are here
Buy it on your favorite Amazon store :  UK  ES  FR  DE  IT 
Sample pages are here
Buy it on your favorite Amazon store :  UK  ES  FR  DE  IT 
On this moment there are only few books that describe some Paleontology related stamps, postmarks and post stationary.
"Trilobites worldwide, The World of Trilobites and their Reflection in Philately", issued in 2002 and "Nautilids and Ammonites worldwide, The World of Cephalopods and their Reflection in Philately" issued in 2011 are probably more precised from both philatelic and scentofic points of view and printed in top quality.
Both books are written by Dr. ERNST, Hans Ulrich philatelist by himself, who builds up a paleontological collection in cooperatiomn with Mr. Christian KLUG leading paleontologist in Palaeontological Institute and Museum of the University of Zurich and Mr. Frank RUDOLPH expert of cambrian and ordovician trilobites, since 1992 he works as scientific publisher and bookseller.
Both books are intended for both philatelically interested persons and collectors of ammonites as well as nautilids. It gives an overview of all stamps, postmarks and postal stationeries displaying trilobites, ammonoids, belemnites or nautiloids issued to date. A photograph and brief description of the morphology of the fossil featured, together with notes on its distribution are given to explain the philatelic material. The authors have endeavoured to show on the photograph the exact species represented wherever possible, but when such was not available, they used an image of a closely related species of the same genus.
Both books are dual language: the same text is wriiten in English and German. Very reommennded to all "PaleoPhilatelists" !

Most of the covers shown on this page are from collection of Admin of this site, some others are shared by friends of visitor of this site, few others are downloaded from internet.
If you have any FDC not listed here, please share it scan with Admin of this site (600 dpi are preffered).
Many thanks to fellow collector Jon Noad from Calgary, Canada, who shared many scans of his FDC collection with me.

Legend:   "sa" are FDC of "self-adhesive" stamps ;   "gp" are FDC of "gutter pair" stamps ;   "used" are postal used FDCs
Click on the image to enlarge it. Undesired/"Pseudo stamps" are on grey background, when good one are on the black.

FDC of afghanistan_1988_fdc afghanistan_1988_fdc

FDC of aland_1996_fdc aland_1996_fdc

FDC of aland_1996_fdc_used aland_1996_fdc_used

FDC of algeria_1952_fdc_congress algeria_1952_fdc_congress

FDC of Algeria_1994_FDC Algeria_1994_FDC

FDC of angola_1970_fdc angola_1970_fdc

FDC of angola_1994_fdc angola_1994_fdc

FDC of angola_1994_fdc_used angola_1994_fdc_used

FDC of antigua_1992_fdc antigua_1992_fdc

FDC of antigua_1992_fdc2 antigua_1992_fdc2

FDC of antigua_1995_fdc antigua_1995_fdc

FDC of antigua_1995_fdc2 antigua_1995_fdc2

FDC of argentina_1966_fdc argentina_1966_fdc

FDC of argentina_1992_2_fdc argentina_1992_2_fdc

FDC of argentina_1992_fdc argentina_1992_fdc

FDC of argentina_1992_fdc_private argentina_1992_fdc_private

FDC of argentina_1998_fdc argentina_1998_fdc

FDC of argentina_2001_fdc argentina_2001_fdc

FDC of argentina_2001_fdc2 argentina_2001_fdc2

FDC of argentina_2002_fdc argentina_2002_fdc

FDC of argentina_2012_fdc argentina_2012_fdc

FDC of argentina_2014_ms_fdc argentina_2014_ms_fdc

FDC of argentina_2015_fdc argentina_2015_fdc

FDC of argentina_2015_fdc_used argentina_2015_fdc_used

FDC of ascension_1994_fdc ascension_1994_fdc

FDC of ascension_2009_darwin_fdc ascension_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of australia_1986_darwin_fdc australia_1986_darwin_fdc

FDC of Australia_1993_fdc Australia_1993_fdc

FDC of australia_1993_ms_fdc australia_1993_ms_fdc

FDC of australia_1993_sa_fdc australia_1993_sa_fdc

FDC of australia_1993_sa_fdc_richard_owen_private australia_1993_sa_fdc_richard_owen_private

FDC of australia_1993_sa_overprinted_fdc australia_1993_sa_overprinted_fdc

FDC of australia_1997_fdc australia_1997_fdc

FDC of australia_1997_fdc_private australia_1997_fdc_private

FDC of australia_1997_ms_fdc australia_1997_ms_fdc

FDC of australia_2005_fdc australia_2005_fdc

FDC of australia_2005_fdc_ms australia_2005_fdc_ms

FDC of australia_2008_fdc australia_2008_fdc

FDC of australia_2008_fdc_ms australia_2008_fdc_ms

FDC of australia_2013_fdc australia_2013_fdc

FDC of australia_2013_fdc_used australia_2013_fdc_used

FDC of australia_2013_gp1_fdc australia_2013_gp1_fdc

FDC of australia_2013_gp2_fdc australia_2013_gp2_fdc

FDC of australia_2013_gp3_fdc_used australia_2013_gp3_fdc_used

FDC of australia_2013_gp4_fdc_used australia_2013_gp4_fdc_used

FDC of australia_2013_gp5_fdc_used australia_2013_gp5_fdc_used

FDC of australia_2013_gp6_fdc_used australia_2013_gp6_fdc_used

FDC of australia_2013_ms_fdc australia_2013_ms_fdc

FDC of australia_2013_ms_fdc_signed australia_2013_ms_fdc_signed

FDC of australia_2013_ms_fdc_used australia_2013_ms_fdc_used

FDC of australia_2013_ms_fdc_used2 australia_2013_ms_fdc_used2

FDC of australia_2013_ms_fdc_used3 australia_2013_ms_fdc_used3

FDC of australia_2013_sa_fdc australia_2013_sa_fdc

FDC of austria_1976_fdc austria_1976_fdc

FDC of austria_1976_fdc_private austria_1976_fdc_private

FDC of austria_1976_fdc3 austria_1976_fdc3

FDC of austria_1999_fdc_used austria_1999_fdc_used

FDC of austria_2009_darwin_fdc austria_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of azerbaijan_1994_fdc azerbaijan_1994_fdc

FDC of barbados_1993_fdc barbados_1993_fdc

FDC of bat_1982_fdc bat_1982_fdc

FDC of bat_1990_fdc bat_1990_fdc

FDC of bat_1990_fdc_used bat_1990_fdc_used

FDC of bat_1991_env_used bat_1991_env_used

FDC of bat_1991_fdc bat_1991_fdc

FDC of bat_2008_fdc bat_2008_fdc

FDC of belarus_1995_cerski_fdc belarus_1995_cerski_fdc

FDC of belgium_1966_fdc belgium_1966_fdc

FDC of belgium_1966_fdc2 belgium_1966_fdc2

FDC of belgium_2015_env_used_set1_1 belgium_2015_env_used_set1_1

FDC of belgium_2015_env_used_set1_2 belgium_2015_env_used_set1_2

FDC of belgium_2015_env_used_set1_3 belgium_2015_env_used_set1_3

FDC of belgium_2015_env_used_set2 belgium_2015_env_used_set2

FDC of benin_1974_fdc1 benin_1974_fdc1

FDC of benin_1984_fdc benin_1984_fdc

FDC of benin_1996_fdc benin_1996_fdc

FDC of benin_1998_fdc benin_1998_fdc

FDC of biot_2007_fdc biot_2007_fdc

FDC of bolivia_1997_fdc1 bolivia_1997_fdc1

FDC of bolivia_2002_fdc bolivia_2002_fdc

FDC of bolivia_2007_fdc bolivia_2007_fdc

FDC of bolivia_2012_fdc bolivia_2012_fdc

FDC of Bolivia_2013_fdc Bolivia_2013_fdc

FDC of bosnia_herzegovina_2001_fdc bosnia_herzegovina_2001_fdc

FDC of bosnia_herzegovina_2007_fdc bosnia_herzegovina_2007_fdc

FDC of bosnia_herzegovina_2008_darwin_fdc bosnia_herzegovina_2008_darwin_fdc

FDC of bosnia_herzegovina_2008_fdc bosnia_herzegovina_2008_fdc

FDC of bosnia_herzegovina_2009_darwin_fdc bosnia_herzegovina_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of bosnia_herzegovina_2009_fdc bosnia_herzegovina_2009_fdc

FDC of brazil_1975_fdc brazil_1975_fdc

FDC of brazil_1991_fdc brazil_1991_fdc

FDC of brazil_1991_fdc2 brazil_1991_fdc2

FDC of brazil_1995_fdc brazil_1995_fdc

FDC of brazil_2010_lund_fdc brazil_2010_lund_fdc

FDC of brazil_2014_fdc brazil_2014_fdc

FDC of brazil_2014_fdc_used brazil_2014_fdc_used

FDC of brazil_2016_fdc brazil_2016_fdc

FDC of brazil_2016_fdc_used1 brazil_2016_fdc_used1

FDC of Bulgaria_1971_fdc Bulgaria_1971_fdc

FDC of bulgaria_1971_fdc_used bulgaria_1971_fdc_used

FDC of bulgaria_1990_fdc bulgaria_1990_fdc

FDC of bulgaria_1990_fdc_used bulgaria_1990_fdc_used

FDC of bulgaria_1990_fdc_used_brontasaur bulgaria_1990_fdc_used_brontasaur

FDC of bulgaria_1990_fdc_used_stegosaur bulgaria_1990_fdc_used_stegosaur

FDC of bulgaria_1990_ms_fdc_used bulgaria_1990_ms_fdc_used

FDC of bulgaria_1994_fdc_private bulgaria_1994_fdc_private

FDC of bulgaria_1994_fdc_used bulgaria_1994_fdc_used

FDC of Bulgaria_2003_fdc Bulgaria_2003_fdc

FDC of bulgaria_2003_fdc_used1 bulgaria_2003_fdc_used1

FDC of bulgaria_2003_fdc2 bulgaria_2003_fdc2

FDC of bulgaria_2009_darwin_fdc bulgaria_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of bulgaria_2009_fdc bulgaria_2009_fdc

FDC of burundi_2012_fdc burundi_2012_fdc

FDC of cambodia_1986_fdc cambodia_1986_fdc

FDC of cambodia_1994_fdc cambodia_1994_fdc

FDC of cambodia_1995_fdc cambodia_1995_fdc

FDC of cambodia_1996_fdc cambodia_1996_fdc

FDC of cambodia_1999_fdc cambodia_1999_fdc

FDC of cambodia_2000_fdc cambodia_2000_fdc

FDC of canada_1986_fdc canada_1986_fdc

FDC of canada_1986_ms_fdc canada_1986_ms_fdc

FDC of canada_1989_fdc canada_1989_fdc

FDC of canada_1989_fdc2_used canada_1989_fdc2_used

FDC of canada_1990_fdc canada_1990_fdc

FDC of canada_1991_fdc canada_1991_fdc

FDC of canada_1993_fdc canada_1993_fdc

FDC of canada_1993_fdc_drumheller canada_1993_fdc_drumheller

FDC of canada_1994_fdc canada_1994_fdc

FDC of canada_1998_fdc canada_1998_fdc

FDC of canada_2014_fdc canada_2014_fdc

FDC of canada_2014_fdc_used canada_2014_fdc_used

FDC of canada_2015_fdc canada_2015_fdc

FDC of canada_2016_fdc canada_2016_fdc

FDC of cape_verde_2009_fdc cape_verde_2009_fdc

FDC of car_1993_fdc car_1993_fdc

FDC of car_1996_fdc2 car_1996_fdc2

FDC of car_2012_fdc car_2012_fdc

FDC of chile_2000_fdc chile_2000_fdc

FDC of china_1958_fdc china_1958_fdc

FDC of china_1958_fdc_used china_1958_fdc_used

FDC of china_1989_fdc china_1989_fdc

FDC of china_1991_fdc china_1991_fdc

FDC of china_1991_fdc2 china_1991_fdc2

FDC of china_1999_fdc china_1999_fdc

FDC of cocos_isl_1981_darwin_fdc cocos_isl_1981_darwin_fdc

FDC of comores_2009_fdc comores_2009_fdc

FDC of congo_1970_fdc congo_1970_fdc

FDC of congo_1975_fdc congo_1975_fdc

FDC of congo_1993_fdc congo_1993_fdc

FDC of congo_1999_fdc congo_1999_fdc

FDC of croatia_1994_fdc croatia_1994_fdc

FDC of croatia_1995_fdc croatia_1995_fdc

FDC of croatia_1996_fdc croatia_1996_fdc

FDC of croatia_1997_fdc croatia_1997_fdc

FDC of croatia_1999_fdc croatia_1999_fdc

FDC of croatia_1999_fdc2 croatia_1999_fdc2

FDC of croatia_1999_fdc3 croatia_1999_fdc3

FDC of croatia_1999_fdc4_private croatia_1999_fdc4_private

FDC of Croatia_2012_fdc Croatia_2012_fdc

FDC of croatia_2012_fdc_used croatia_2012_fdc_used

FDC of croatia_2016_fdc croatia_2016_fdc

FDC of croatia_2016_fdc_used croatia_2016_fdc_used

FDC of croatia_2016_fdc_used2 croatia_2016_fdc_used2

FDC of cuba_1958_delatorre_fdc cuba_1958_delatorre_fdc

FDC of cuba_1967_fdc cuba_1967_fdc

FDC of cuba_1982_fdc cuba_1982_fdc

FDC of cuba_1985_fdc cuba_1985_fdc

FDC of cuba_1987_fdc cuba_1987_fdc

FDC of cuba_1997_fdc cuba_1997_fdc

FDC of cuba_1999_fdc cuba_1999_fdc

FDC of cuba_2002_fdc cuba_2002_fdc

FDC of cuba_2005_fdc cuba_2005_fdc

FDC of cuba_2006_fdc cuba_2006_fdc

FDC of cuba_2008_fdc cuba_2008_fdc

FDC of cuba_2008_fdc_used cuba_2008_fdc_used

FDC of cuba_2009_darwin_fdc cuba_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of cuba_2013_fdc cuba_2013_fdc

FDC of cuba_2015_fdc cuba_2015_fdc

FDC of cuba_2015_fdc_used cuba_2015_fdc_used

FDC of cuba_2016_fdc cuba_2016_fdc

FDC of curacao_2011_fdc curacao_2011_fdc

FDC of cyprus_north_1991_fdc cyprus_north_1991_fdc

FDC of cyprus_north_1994_fdc cyprus_north_1994_fdc

FDC of czech_1994_fdc_used czech_1994_fdc_used

FDC of czech_1999_barrande_fdc czech_1999_barrande_fdc

FDC of Czech_2005_fdc Czech_2005_fdc

FDC of czech_2008_fdc czech_2008_fdc

FDC of czech_2009_darwin_fdc czech_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of czech_2009_fdc czech_2009_fdc

FDC of czech_2011_fdc czech_2011_fdc

FDC of czech_2013_fdc czech_2013_fdc

FDC of czech_2016_fdc czech_2016_fdc

FDC of czechoslovakia_1959_darwin_fdc czechoslovakia_1959_darwin_fdc

FDC of czechoslovakia_1968_fdc czechoslovakia_1968_fdc

FDC of czechoslovakia_1968_fdc_used czechoslovakia_1968_fdc_used

FDC of czechoslovakia_1968_fdc_used2 czechoslovakia_1968_fdc_used2

FDC of dahomey_1974_fdc dahomey_1974_fdc

FDC of denmark_1998_bl_fdc denmark_1998_bl_fdc

FDC of denmark_1998_fdc denmark_1998_fdc

FDC of denmark_2009_fdc denmark_2009_fdc

FDC of djibouti_1990_fdc djibouti_1990_fdc

FDC of dominica_1992_fdc dominica_1992_fdc

FDC of dominica_1992_fdc2 dominica_1992_fdc2

FDC of dominica_1995_fdc dominica_1995_fdc

FDC of dominica_1999_fdc dominica_1999_fdc

FDC of dominica_2005_fdc dominica_2005_fdc

FDC of ecuador_1983_darwin_fdc ecuador_1983_darwin_fdc

FDC of ecuador_1986_darwin_fdc ecuador_1986_darwin_fdc

FDC of ecuador_2007_fdc ecuador_2007_fdc

FDC of egypt_1979_fdc egypt_1979_fdc

FDC of egypt_2008_fdc egypt_2008_fdc

FDC of el_salvador_1979_fdc el_salvador_1979_fdc

FDC of el_salvador_2006_fdc el_salvador_2006_fdc

FDC of ethiopia_1977_fdc_used ethiopia_1977_fdc_used

FDC of ethiopia_2013_fdc ethiopia_2013_fdc

FDC of falkland_isl_1982_fdc_signed falkland_isl_1982_fdc_signed

FDC of falkland_isl_1985_fdc falkland_isl_1985_fdc

FDC of france_1967_abbe_henri_breuil_fdc france_1967_abbe_henri_breuil_fdc

FDC of france_1969_cuvier_fdc france_1969_cuvier_fdc

FDC of france_1981_chardin_fdc france_1981_chardin_fdc

FDC of france_1992_fdc france_1992_fdc

FDC of france_1992_fdc_private france_1992_fdc_private

FDC of france_2000_fdc_priavte france_2000_fdc_priavte

FDC of france_2008_fdc_private france_2008_fdc_private

FDC of france_2008_fdc_used france_2008_fdc_used

FDC of france_2008_ms_fdc france_2008_ms_fdc

FDC of france_2010_fdc france_2010_fdc

FDC of fujeira_1968_fdc_used fujeira_1968_fdc_used

FDC of fujeira_1968_fdc_used2 fujeira_1968_fdc_used2

FDC of fujeira_1968_fdc2_used fujeira_1968_fdc2_used

FDC of gabon_2009_darwin_fdc gabon_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of gambia_1992_fdc gambia_1992_fdc

FDC of gambia_1995_fdc gambia_1995_fdc

FDC of gambia_1997_fdc gambia_1997_fdc

FDC of gambia_1999_fdc1 gambia_1999_fdc1

FDC of gambia_2003_fdc gambia_2003_fdc

FDC of georgia_1995_fdc georgia_1995_fdc

FDC of georgia_2003_fdc georgia_2003_fdc

FDC of germany_1978_env_used germany_1978_env_used

FDC of germany_1978_FDC germany_1978_FDC

FDC of germany_1998_fdc germany_1998_fdc

FDC of germany_1998_fdc_used germany_1998_fdc_used

FDC of germany_1998_fdc2 germany_1998_fdc2

FDC of germany_2003_fdc germany_2003_fdc

FDC of germany_2003_fdc_museum_signed germany_2003_fdc_museum_signed

FDC of germany_2003_fdc_private_museum_pm germany_2003_fdc_private_museum_pm

FDC of germany_2003_fdc_private_used germany_2003_fdc_private_used

FDC of germany_2003_fdc_used1 germany_2003_fdc_used1

FDC of germany_2003_fdc_used2 germany_2003_fdc_used2

FDC of germany_2003_fdc_used3 germany_2003_fdc_used3

FDC of germany_2006_fdc germany_2006_fdc

FDC of germany_2006_fdc_signed germany_2006_fdc_signed

FDC of germany_2007_senckenberg_fdc germany_2007_senckenberg_fdc

FDC of germany_2008_fdc germany_2008_fdc

FDC of germany_2008_fdc_berlin_jugend germany_2008_fdc_berlin_jugend

FDC of germany_2008_fdc_bonn_jugend germany_2008_fdc_bonn_jugend

FDC of germany_2008_fdc_used3 germany_2008_fdc_used3

FDC of germany_2010_fdc germany_2010_fdc

FDC of germany_2010_fdc_private germany_2010_fdc_private

FDC of germany_2010_sa_fdc germany_2010_sa_fdc

FDC of germany_2011_fdc germany_2011_fdc

FDC of germany_2011_fdc_private germany_2011_fdc_private

FDC of germany_2011_fdc_used germany_2011_fdc_used

FDC of germany_ddr_1973_fdc germany_ddr_1973_fdc

FDC of germany_ddr_1978_fdc germany_ddr_1978_fdc

FDC of germany_ddr_1990_fdc germany_ddr_1990_fdc

FDC of germany_ddr_1990_fdc_used1 germany_ddr_1990_fdc_used1

FDC of germany_ddr_1990_fdc_used2 germany_ddr_1990_fdc_used2

FDC of germany_ddr_1990_ms_fdc germany_ddr_1990_ms_fdc

FDC of germany_ddr_1990_ms_fdc2 germany_ddr_1990_ms_fdc2

FDC of ghana_1992_fdc ghana_1992_fdc

FDC of ghana_1995_fdc ghana_1995_fdc

FDC of ghana_1999_fdc ghana_1999_fdc

FDC of gibraltar_1973_fdc gibraltar_1973_fdc

FDC of gibraltar_2005_fdc gibraltar_2005_fdc

FDC of gibraltar_2009_darwin_fdc gibraltar_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of gibraltar_2009_darwin_ms_fdc gibraltar_2009_darwin_ms_fdc

FDC of gibraltar_2016_fdc gibraltar_2016_fdc

FDC of greece_1978_fdc greece_1978_fdc

FDC of greece_1982_fdc greece_1982_fdc

FDC of greenland_2008_fdc greenland_2008_fdc

FDC of greenland_2009_fdc greenland_2009_fdc

FDC of grenada_1999_fdc grenada_1999_fdc

FDC of guernsey_2009_fdc_darwin guernsey_2009_fdc_darwin

FDC of guinea_1993_fdc guinea_1993_fdc

FDC of guinea_1997_fdc guinea_1997_fdc

FDC of guinea_1998_fdc guinea_1998_fdc

FDC of guinea_2002_fdc guinea_2002_fdc

FDC of guinea_2006_fdc guinea_2006_fdc

FDC of guinea_2007_fdc1 guinea_2007_fdc1

FDC of guinea_2007_fdc2 guinea_2007_fdc2

FDC of guinea_2007_fdc3 guinea_2007_fdc3

FDC of guinea_2008_fdc guinea_2008_fdc

FDC of guinea_bissau_2011_fdc guinea_bissau_2011_fdc

FDC of guyana_1990_fdc guyana_1990_fdc

FDC of guyana_1993_1_fdc guyana_1993_1_fdc

FDC of guyana_1993_2_fdc guyana_1993_2_fdc

FDC of guyana_1993_3_fdc guyana_1993_3_fdc

FDC of guyana_1998_fdc guyana_1998_fdc

FDC of guyana_2001_fdc guyana_2001_fdc

FDC of guyana_2005_fdc guyana_2005_fdc

FDC of hong_kong_2014_fdc1 hong_kong_2014_fdc1

FDC of hong_kong_2014_fdc1_used hong_kong_2014_fdc1_used

FDC of hong_kong_2014_fdc2 hong_kong_2014_fdc2

FDC of hong_kong_2014_fdc2_used hong_kong_2014_fdc2_used

FDC of hong_kong_2014_ms_fdc hong_kong_2014_ms_fdc

FDC of hong_kong_2014_ms_fdc_used hong_kong_2014_ms_fdc_used

FDC of hong_kong_2014_ms_fdc2 hong_kong_2014_ms_fdc2

FDC of hong_kong_2014_ms_fdc2_used hong_kong_2014_ms_fdc2_used

FDC of hong_kong_2014_ms2_booklet_fdc hong_kong_2014_ms2_booklet_fdc

FDC of hong_kong_2014_ms2_booklet_fdc_used hong_kong_2014_ms2_booklet_fdc_used

FDC of hong_kong_2014_ms2_booklet_fdc2 hong_kong_2014_ms2_booklet_fdc2

FDC of hong_kong_2014_ms2_booklet_fdc2_used hong_kong_2014_ms2_booklet_fdc2_used

FDC of hungary_1969_fdc hungary_1969_fdc

FDC of hungary_1969_impf_fdc1 hungary_1969_impf_fdc1

FDC of hungary_1990_fdc hungary_1990_fdc

FDC of hungary_1993_fdc hungary_1993_fdc

FDC of hungary_2002_fdc hungary_2002_fdc

FDC of hungary_2016_fdc hungary_2016_fdc

FDC of hungary_2016_fdc_bl hungary_2016_fdc_bl

FDC of hungary_2016_fdc_bl_used hungary_2016_fdc_bl_used

FDC of hungary_2016_fdc_used hungary_2016_fdc_used

FDC of india_1951_calcutta_env_used india_1951_calcutta_env_used

FDC of india_1951_fdc_calcutta india_1951_fdc_calcutta

FDC of india_1951_fdc_used india_1951_fdc_used

FDC of india_1983_darwin_fdc india_1983_darwin_fdc

FDC of india_1997_fdc india_1997_fdc

FDC of indonesia_1989_fdc indonesia_1989_fdc

FDC of indonesia_2000_fdc indonesia_2000_fdc

FDC of indonesia_2004_fdc indonesia_2004_fdc

FDC of indonesia_2014_fdc indonesia_2014_fdc

FDC of indonesia_2014_fdc_used indonesia_2014_fdc_used

FDC of iraq_2010_fdc1 iraq_2010_fdc1

FDC of iraq_2010_fdc2 iraq_2010_fdc2

FDC of iraq_2010_fdc3 iraq_2010_fdc3

FDC of ireland_1999_fdc ireland_1999_fdc

FDC of ireland_1999_ms_fdc ireland_1999_ms_fdc

FDC of ireland_1999_sa_fdc ireland_1999_sa_fdc

FDC of ireland_2007_fdc ireland_2007_fdc

FDC of ireland_2009_darwin_fdc ireland_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of isle_of_man_1986_fdc isle_of_man_1986_fdc

FDC of isle_of_man_1994_fdc_used isle_of_man_1994_fdc_used

FDC of isle_of_man_2006_fdc isle_of_man_2006_fdc

FDC of israel_2000_fdc israel_2000_fdc

FDC of israel_2000_ms_fdc israel_2000_ms_fdc

FDC of israel_2002_fdc israel_2002_fdc

FDC of israel_2014_fdc israel_2014_fdc

FDC of italy_1988_fdc italy_1988_fdc

FDC of italy_1988_fdc2 italy_1988_fdc2

FDC of italy_1996_fdc2 italy_1996_fdc2

FDC of italy_1998_fdc_private italy_1998_fdc_private

FDC of italy_2009_darwin_fdc italy_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of japan_1977_fdc_all japan_1977_fdc_all

FDC of japan_1992_fdc_all japan_1992_fdc_all

FDC of japan_1999_fdc_all japan_1999_fdc_all

FDC of japan_1999_stripe_fdc_private japan_1999_stripe_fdc_private

FDC of japan_2010_fdc_private japan_2010_fdc_private

FDC of japan_2010_fdc_used japan_2010_fdc_used

FDC of jersey_1982_fdc jersey_1982_fdc

FDC of jersey_2010_fdc jersey_2010_fdc

FDC of jordan_2013_fdc jordan_2013_fdc

FDC of jordan_2013_fdc2 jordan_2013_fdc2

FDC of jordan_2013_fdc3 jordan_2013_fdc3

FDC of kazakhstan_1994_fdc kazakhstan_1994_fdc

FDC of kazakhstan_1994_fdc_used kazakhstan_1994_fdc_used

FDC of kazakhstan_1994_fdc_used2 kazakhstan_1994_fdc_used2

FDC of kenya_1967_fdc kenya_1967_fdc

FDC of kenya_1977_fdc kenya_1977_fdc

FDC of kenya_1982_fdc kenya_1982_fdc

FDC of kenya_tanzania_uganda_1975_fdc kenya_tanzania_uganda_1975_fdc

FDC of kiribati_2006_darwin_fdc kiribati_2006_darwin_fdc

FDC of kiribati_2006_fdc kiribati_2006_fdc

FDC of korea_north_2004_fdc_used korea_north_2004_fdc_used

FDC of korea_north_1991_darwin_fdc1 korea_north_1991_darwin_fdc1

FDC of korea_north_1991_darwin_fdc2 korea_north_1991_darwin_fdc2

FDC of korea_north_1991_fdc1 korea_north_1991_fdc1

FDC of korea_north_1994_fdc korea_north_1994_fdc

FDC of korea_north_1995_fdc korea_north_1995_fdc

FDC of korea_north_1995_fdc2 korea_north_1995_fdc2

FDC of korea_north_2000_fdc korea_north_2000_fdc

FDC of korea_north_2004_env_used korea_north_2004_env_used

FDC of korea_north_2004_env_used2 korea_north_2004_env_used2

FDC of korea_north_2004_env_used3 korea_north_2004_env_used3

FDC of korea_north_2004_fdc korea_north_2004_fdc

FDC of korea_north_2004_fdc1 korea_north_2004_fdc1

FDC of korea_north_2004_fdc2 korea_north_2004_fdc2

FDC of korea_north_2006_fdc korea_north_2006_fdc

FDC of korea_north_2010_fdc korea_north_2010_fdc

FDC of korea_north_2010_fdc2 korea_north_2010_fdc2

FDC of korea_north_2011_fdc korea_north_2011_fdc

FDC of korea_south_2006_fdc korea_south_2006_fdc

FDC of korea_south_2006_fdc_private korea_south_2006_fdc_private

FDC of korea_south_2006_fdc_used korea_south_2006_fdc_used

FDC of korea_south_2006_fdc_used3 korea_south_2006_fdc_used3

FDC of korea_south_2010_fdc korea_south_2010_fdc

FDC of korea_south_2010_fdc_used korea_south_2010_fdc_used

FDC of korea_south_2010_fdc_used2 korea_south_2010_fdc_used2

FDC of korea_south_2011_fdc korea_south_2011_fdc

FDC of korea_south_2011_fdc_used korea_south_2011_fdc_used

FDC of korea_south_2012_fdc korea_south_2012_fdc

FDC of korea_south_2012_fdc_used1 korea_south_2012_fdc_used1

FDC of korea_south_2012_fdc_used2 korea_south_2012_fdc_used2

FDC of kyrgyzstan_2012_fdc kyrgyzstan_2012_fdc

FDC of laos_1988_fdc laos_1988_fdc

FDC of laos_1994_fdc laos_1994_fdc

FDC of laos_1995_fdc laos_1995_fdc

FDC of latvia_2015_fdc latvia_2015_fdc

FDC of latvia_2015_fdc_used1 latvia_2015_fdc_used1

FDC of latvia_2015_fdc_used2 latvia_2015_fdc_used2

FDC of lebanon_2002_fdc lebanon_2002_fdc

FDC of lebanon_2003_fdc lebanon_2003_fdc

FDC of lesotho_1970_fdc lesotho_1970_fdc

FDC of lesotho_1984_fdc lesotho_1984_fdc

FDC of lesotho_1992_fdc lesotho_1992_fdc

FDC of lesotho_1992_fdc2 lesotho_1992_fdc2

FDC of lesotho_1998_fdc lesotho_1998_fdc

FDC of liberia_2005_fdc liberia_2005_fdc

FDC of libya_1976_fdc libya_1976_fdc

FDC of libya_1995_fdc libya_1995_fdc

FDC of libya_1996_fdc libya_1996_fdc

FDC of libya_1996_fdc2 libya_1996_fdc2

FDC of libya_1996_fdc3 libya_1996_fdc3

FDC of libya_2013_fdc libya_2013_fdc

FDC of liechtenstein_2003_fdc liechtenstein_2003_fdc

FDC of liechtenstein_2004_fdc liechtenstein_2004_fdc

FDC of LITHUANIA_2009_fdc LITHUANIA_2009_fdc

FDC of luxembourg_1984_fdc luxembourg_1984_fdc

FDC of macedonia_1998_fdc macedonia_1998_fdc

FDC of macedonia_2009_darwin_fdc macedonia_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of madagaskar_1970_fdc madagaskar_1970_fdc

FDC of madagaskar_1989_fdc madagaskar_1989_fdc

FDC of madagaskar_1994_fdc madagaskar_1994_fdc

FDC of malawi_1993_fdc malawi_1993_fdc

FDC of maldives_1992_fdc maldives_1992_fdc

FDC of maldives_1994_fdc1 maldives_1994_fdc1

FDC of maldives_1994_fdc2 maldives_1994_fdc2

FDC of maldives_1997_fdc maldives_1997_fdc

FDC of maldives_1999_fdc maldives_1999_fdc

FDC of maldives_2005_fdc maldives_2005_fdc

FDC of malta_2009_fdc malta_2009_fdc

FDC of Marshall_Islands_2008_fdc Marshall_Islands_2008_fdc

FDC of marshall_islands_2009_fdc marshall_islands_2009_fdc

FDC of marshall_islands_2012_fdc marshall_islands_2012_fdc

FDC of mauritius_1982_darwin_fdc mauritius_1982_darwin_fdc

FDC of mexico_2006_fdc mexico_2006_fdc

FDC of micronesia_1994_fdc micronesia_1994_fdc

FDC of micronesia_1999_fdc micronesia_1999_fdc

FDC of micronesia_2001_fdc1 micronesia_2001_fdc1

FDC of micronesia_2004_fdc micronesia_2004_fdc

FDC of moldova_1995_fdc moldova_1995_fdc

FDC of moldova_2009_darwin_fdc_used moldova_2009_darwin_fdc_used

FDC of moldova_2010_fdc moldova_2010_fdc

FDC of moldova_2010_fdc_used moldova_2010_fdc_used

FDC of moldova_2010_fdc_used2 moldova_2010_fdc_used2

FDC of moldova_2010_ms_fdc moldova_2010_ms_fdc

FDC of moldova_2010_ms_fdc_used moldova_2010_ms_fdc_used

FDC of moldova_2014_fdc2_used moldova_2014_fdc2_used

FDC of moldova_2016_fdc moldova_2016_fdc

FDC of moldova_2016_fdc_used moldova_2016_fdc_used

FDC of monaco_2000_fdc monaco_2000_fdc

FDC of monaco_2002_fdc monaco_2002_fdc

FDC of monaco_2010_fdc monaco_2010_fdc

FDC of monaco_2010_fdc2 monaco_2010_fdc2

FDC of monaco_2016_prince_albertI_fdc monaco_2016_prince_albertI_fdc

FDC of mongolia_1967_fdc mongolia_1967_fdc

FDC of mongolia_1977_fdc mongolia_1977_fdc

FDC of mongolia_1990_fdc mongolia_1990_fdc

FDC of mongolia_1994_fdc mongolia_1994_fdc

FDC of mongolia_2014_darwin_fdc mongolia_2014_darwin_fdc

FDC of mongolia_2014_fdc mongolia_2014_fdc

FDC of monsterrat_2009_darwin_fdc monsterrat_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of montserrat_1994_fdc montserrat_1994_fdc

FDC of morocco_1988_fdc morocco_1988_fdc

FDC of morocco_2004_fdc morocco_2004_fdc

FDC of morocco_2015_fdc morocco_2015_fdc

FDC of motserrat_1992_fdc motserrat_1992_fdc

FDC of mozambique_1971_fdc mozambique_1971_fdc

FDC of mozambique_1971_fdc1 mozambique_1971_fdc1

FDC of mozambique_1971_fdc2 mozambique_1971_fdc2

FDC of mozambique_1971_fdc3 mozambique_1971_fdc3

FDC of mozambique_2002_darwin_fdc mozambique_2002_darwin_fdc

FDC of mozambique_2007_fdc mozambique_2007_fdc

FDC of mozambique_2009_darwin_fdc mozambique_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of mozambique_2012_2.fdc mozambique_2012_2.fdc

FDC of mozambique_2012_darwin_fdc mozambique_2012_darwin_fdc

FDC of mozambique_2012_fdc mozambique_2012_fdc

FDC of namibia_1995_fdc namibia_1995_fdc

FDC of namibia_1995_ms_fdc namibia_1995_ms_fdc

FDC of namibia_2008_fdc namibia_2008_fdc

FDC of nepal_2013_fdc nepal_2013_fdc

FDC of nepal_2013_fdc2_museum nepal_2013_fdc2_museum

FDC of nepal_2015_fdc nepal_2015_fdc

FDC of nepal_2015_fdc_used nepal_2015_fdc_used

FDC of nepal_2015_fdc2_museum nepal_2015_fdc2_museum

FDC of Netherland_1962_fdc Netherland_1962_fdc

FDC of nevis_1999_fdc nevis_1999_fdc

FDC of nevis_2005_fdc nevis_2005_fdc

FDC of new_caledonia_1997_fdc new_caledonia_1997_fdc

FDC of new_zealand_1984_fdc new_zealand_1984_fdc

FDC of new_zealand_1984_ms_fdc new_zealand_1984_ms_fdc

FDC of new_zealand_1993_bl_fdc new_zealand_1993_bl_fdc

FDC of new_zealand_1993_booklet_fdc new_zealand_1993_booklet_fdc

FDC of new_zealand_1993_fdc new_zealand_1993_fdc

FDC of new_zealand_1993_fdc_private new_zealand_1993_fdc_private

FDC of new_zealand_2010_fdc new_zealand_2010_fdc

FDC of nicaragua_1987_fdc nicaragua_1987_fdc

FDC of nicaragua_1996_fdc nicaragua_1996_fdc

FDC of nicaragua_1999_fdc nicaragua_1999_fdc

FDC of niger_1976_fdc1 niger_1976_fdc1

FDC of niger_1977_fdc niger_1977_fdc

FDC of niuafoou_1989_fdc niuafoou_1989_fdc

FDC of niuafoou_1989_fdc2 niuafoou_1989_fdc2

FDC of niuafoou_1989_fdc3 niuafoou_1989_fdc3

FDC of niuafoou_1993_fdc niuafoou_1993_fdc

FDC of niuafoou_1993_fdc2 niuafoou_1993_fdc2

FDC of niuafoou_1993_fdc3 niuafoou_1993_fdc3

FDC of niuafoou_1995_fdc niuafoou_1995_fdc

FDC of niuafoou_1995_fdc2 niuafoou_1995_fdc2

FDC of norway_1974_fdc_private norway_1974_fdc_private

FDC of norway_1985_fdc norway_1985_fdc

FDC of norway_2005_fdc norway_2005_fdc

FDC of palau_1988_fdc palau_1988_fdc

FDC of palau_2000_fdc palau_2000_fdc

FDC of palau_2004_fdc palau_2004_fdc

FDC of papua_new_guinea_2004_fdc papua_new_guinea_2004_fdc

FDC of paraguay_2010_fdc paraguay_2010_fdc

FDC of peru_1999_fdc peru_1999_fdc

FDC of peru_2000_fdc peru_2000_fdc

FDC of peru_2004_fdc peru_2004_fdc

FDC of peru_2005_raimondi_fdc peru_2005_raimondi_fdc

FDC of peru_2007_2_fdc peru_2007_2_fdc

FDC of peru_2007_fdc peru_2007_fdc

FDC of peru_2009_fdc peru_2009_fdc

FDC of peru_2010_fdc peru_2010_fdc

FDC of peru_2011_fdc peru_2011_fdc

FDC of peru_2013_1_fdc peru_2013_1_fdc

FDC of peru_2013_2_fdc peru_2013_2_fdc

FDC of peru_2014_fdc peru_2014_fdc

FDC of pitcairn_islands_2009_darwin_fdc pitcairn_islands_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of poland_1959_darwin_fdc poland_1959_darwin_fdc

FDC of poland_1965_fdc poland_1965_fdc

FDC of poland_1966_fdc poland_1966_fdc

FDC of poland_1980_fdc poland_1980_fdc

FDC of poland_1990_kozlowski_fdc poland_1990_kozlowski_fdc

FDC of poland_1993_fdc poland_1993_fdc

FDC of poland_2000_fdc poland_2000_fdc

FDC of poland_2002_fdc poland_2002_fdc

FDC of poland_2004_fdc poland_2004_fdc

FDC of portugal_1999_amiel_fdc1 portugal_1999_amiel_fdc1

FDC of portugal_1999_amiel_fdc1_signed_used portugal_1999_amiel_fdc1_signed_used

FDC of portugal_1999_amiel_fdc2 portugal_1999_amiel_fdc2

FDC of portugal_1999_smd_fd3 portugal_1999_smd_fd3

FDC of portugal_1999_smd_fdc_signed_used portugal_1999_smd_fdc_signed_used

FDC of portugal_1999_smd_fdc1 portugal_1999_smd_fdc1

FDC of portugal_1999_smd_fdc2 portugal_1999_smd_fdc2

FDC of portugal_2000_smd_fdc1 portugal_2000_smd_fdc1

FDC of portugal_2000_smd_fdc2 portugal_2000_smd_fdc2

FDC of portugal_2009_cov_used portugal_2009_cov_used

FDC of portugal_2009_darwin_fdc portugal_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of portugal_2009_darwin_fdc_used portugal_2009_darwin_fdc_used

FDC of portugal_2009_darwin_fdc_used2 portugal_2009_darwin_fdc_used2

FDC of portugal_2015_fdc portugal_2015_fdc

FDC of portugal_2015_fdc_lisboa_used1 portugal_2015_fdc_lisboa_used1

FDC of portugal_2015_fdc_lisboa_used2 portugal_2015_fdc_lisboa_used2

FDC of portugal_2015_fdc_lisboa_used3 portugal_2015_fdc_lisboa_used3

FDC of portugal_2015_fdc_porto_used1 portugal_2015_fdc_porto_used1

FDC of portugal_2015_fdc_porto_used2 portugal_2015_fdc_porto_used2

FDC of romania_1966_fdc romania_1966_fdc

FDC of romania_1993_fdc romania_1993_fdc

FDC of romania_1993_fdc2 romania_1993_fdc2

FDC of romania_1994_fdc romania_1994_fdc

FDC of romania_2005_fdc romania_2005_fdc

FDC of romania_2005_ms_fdc romania_2005_ms_fdc

FDC of Romania_2007_fdc Romania_2007_fdc

FDC of romania_2016_fdc romania_2016_fdc

FDC of romania_2016_fdc_used romania_2016_fdc_used

FDC of san_marino_1965_fdc san_marino_1965_fdc

FDC of san_marino_1965_fdc2 san_marino_1965_fdc2

FDC of san_marino_1965_fdc3_used san_marino_1965_fdc3_used

FDC of san_marino_1965_fdc4_used san_marino_1965_fdc4_used

FDC of san_marino_2012_fdc san_marino_2012_fdc

FDC of senegal_1995_fdc senegal_1995_fdc

FDC of Serbia_2009_darwin_fdc Serbia_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of serbia_2009_fdc serbia_2009_fdc

FDC of serbia_2014_fdc serbia_2014_fdc

FDC of serbia_2014_fdc_used serbia_2014_fdc_used

FDC of serbia_2014_fdc_used2 serbia_2014_fdc_used2

FDC of serbia_2014_fdc_used3 serbia_2014_fdc_used3

FDC of serbia_2016_fdc serbia_2016_fdc

FDC of serbia_2016_fdc_used2 serbia_2016_fdc_used2

FDC of serbia_2016_fdc_used3 serbia_2016_fdc_used3

FDC of serbia_2016_fdc_used4 serbia_2016_fdc_used4

FDC of sierra_leone_1995_fdc sierra_leone_1995_fdc

FDC of sierra_leone_1998_fdc sierra_leone_1998_fdc

FDC of sierra_leone_2001_fdc sierra_leone_2001_fdc

FDC of singapore_1998_fdc singapore_1998_fdc

FDC of singapore_2015_fdc_used singapore_2015_fdc_used

FDC of singapore_2015_fdc_used3 singapore_2015_fdc_used3

FDC of slovakia_2006_fdc slovakia_2006_fdc

FDC of slovenia_1993_fdc slovenia_1993_fdc

FDC of slovenia_1993_fdc_used1 slovenia_1993_fdc_used1

FDC of slovenia_1993_fdc_used2 slovenia_1993_fdc_used2

FDC of slovenia_1995_fdc slovenia_1995_fdc

FDC of slovenia_2000_fdc slovenia_2000_fdc

FDC of slovenia_2001_fdc slovenia_2001_fdc

FDC of slovenia_2002_fdc slovenia_2002_fdc

FDC of slovenia_2004_fdc slovenia_2004_fdc

FDC of slovenia_2006_fdc slovenia_2006_fdc

FDC of slovenia_2016_fdc slovenia_2016_fdc

FDC of slovenia_2016_fdc_used slovenia_2016_fdc_used

FDC of slovenia_2016_fdc_used2 slovenia_2016_fdc_used2

FDC of slovenia_2016_fdc_used3 slovenia_2016_fdc_used3

FDC of SOLOMON_ISL_2006_fdc SOLOMON_ISL_2006_fdc

FDC of solomon_isl_2012_fdc solomon_isl_2012_fdc

FDC of somalia_1993_fdc somalia_1993_fdc

FDC of somalia_1999_fdc somalia_1999_fdc

FDC of somalia_2000_fdc somalia_2000_fdc

FDC of south_africa_1982_all_fdc south_africa_1982_all_fdc

FDC of South_Africa_1982_fdc South_Africa_1982_fdc

FDC of south_africa_1982_fdc_museum south_africa_1982_fdc_museum

FDC of South_Africa_1982_ms_fdc South_Africa_1982_ms_fdc

FDC of south_africa_1991_fdc south_africa_1991_fdc

FDC of South_Africa_2006_FDC South_Africa_2006_FDC

FDC of South_Africa_2009_fdc South_Africa_2009_fdc

FDC of south_africa_2016_fdc south_africa_2016_fdc

FDC of spain_2009_darwin_fdc spain_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of spain_2009_darwin_fdc2 spain_2009_darwin_fdc2

FDC of spain_2012_fdc spain_2012_fdc

FDC of spain_2015_fdc spain_2015_fdc

FDC of spain_2016_fdc spain_2016_fdc

FDC of st_helena_1982_darwin_fdc st_helena_1982_darwin_fdc

FDC of st_helena_2006_fdc st_helena_2006_fdc

FDC of st_kitts_1994_fdc st_kitts_1994_fdc

FDC of st_kitts_2005_fdc st_kitts_2005_fdc

FDC of st_tomme_1982_fdc st_tomme_1982_fdc

FDC of st_tomme_1993_fdc st_tomme_1993_fdc

FDC of st_tomme_2004_fdc st_tomme_2004_fdc

FDC of st_tomme_2006_fdc st_tomme_2006_fdc

FDC of st_tomme_2007_fdc st_tomme_2007_fdc

FDC of st_tomme_2008_fdc st_tomme_2008_fdc

FDC of st_tomme_2009_fdc1 st_tomme_2009_fdc1

FDC of st_tomme_2009_fdc2 st_tomme_2009_fdc2

FDC of st_tomme_2010_fdc st_tomme_2010_fdc

FDC of st_tomme_2011_fdc st_tomme_2011_fdc

FDC of st_vincent_1994_fdc st_vincent_1994_fdc

FDC of st_vincent_1999 st_vincent_1999

FDC of st_vincent_1999_fdc st_vincent_1999_fdc

FDC of st_vincent_2003 st_vincent_2003

FDC of st_vincent_2003_fdc st_vincent_2003_fdc

FDC of st_vincent_2005_fdc st_vincent_2005_fdc

FDC of Sweden_1992_FDC Sweden_1992_FDC

FDC of sweden_2011_fdc sweden_2011_fdc

FDC of sweden_2016_fdc sweden_2016_fdc

FDC of sweden_2016_fdc_used sweden_2016_fdc_used

FDC of sweden_2016_fdc_used2 sweden_2016_fdc_used2

FDC of sweden_2016_fdc_used3 sweden_2016_fdc_used3

FDC of switzerland_1958_fdc switzerland_1958_fdc

FDC of switzerland_1958_fdc_used switzerland_1958_fdc_used

FDC of switzerland_1959_fdc switzerland_1959_fdc

FDC of switzerland_1960_fdc_used switzerland_1960_fdc_used

FDC of switzerland_1961_fdc switzerland_1961_fdc

FDC of switzerland_1961_fdc_used switzerland_1961_fdc_used

FDC of switzerland_2004_fdc1 switzerland_2004_fdc1

FDC of switzerland_2004_fdc2 switzerland_2004_fdc2

FDC of switzerland_2004_fdc2_used switzerland_2004_fdc2_used

FDC of switzerland_2010_fdc switzerland_2010_fdc

FDC of switzerland_2010_fdc_museum switzerland_2010_fdc_museum

FDC of switzerland_2010_ms_fdc switzerland_2010_ms_fdc

FDC of switzerland_2015_fdc switzerland_2015_fdc

FDC of switzerland_2015_fdc_personalized switzerland_2015_fdc_personalized

FDC of Tadjikistan_1994_fdc Tadjikistan_1994_fdc

FDC of tanzania_1965_fdc tanzania_1965_fdc

FDC of tanzania_1965_fdc_used tanzania_1965_fdc_used

FDC of tanzania_1988_fdc tanzania_1988_fdc

FDC of tanzania_1991_fdc tanzania_1991_fdc

FDC of tanzania_1994_fdc tanzania_1994_fdc

FDC of tanzania_1994_fdc2 tanzania_1994_fdc2

FDC of tanzania_2014_fdc1 tanzania_2014_fdc1

FDC of thailand_1992_FDC thailand_1992_FDC

FDC of Thailand_1997_fdc Thailand_1997_fdc

FDC of thailand_2004_fdc thailand_2004_fdc

FDC of togo_2009_darwin_fdc togo_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of transkei_1990_fdc transkei_1990_fdc

FDC of transkei_1990_fdc_private transkei_1990_fdc_private

FDC of TRANSKEI_1992_fdc TRANSKEI_1992_fdc

FDC of TRANSKEI_1993_fdc TRANSKEI_1993_fdc

FDC of tristan_da_cunha_1998_fdc tristan_da_cunha_1998_fdc

FDC of tunisia_1974_fdc_used tunisia_1974_fdc_used

FDC of tunisie_1982_fdc tunisie_1982_fdc

FDC of turkey_2012_fdc turkey_2012_fdc

FDC of Turks_and_Caicos_islands_1991_fdc Turks_and_Caicos_islands_1991_fdc

FDC of Turks_and_Caicos_islands_1993_fdc Turks_and_Caicos_islands_1993_fdc

FDC of Turks_and_Caicos_islands_1995_fdc Turks_and_Caicos_islands_1995_fdc

FDC of uganda_1992_fdc uganda_1992_fdc

FDC of uganda_1992_fdc2 uganda_1992_fdc2

FDC of uganda_1995_fdc uganda_1995_fdc

FDC of uganda_1998_fdc uganda_1998_fdc

FDC of uk_1982_darwin_fdc uk_1982_darwin_fdc

FDC of uk_1982_darwin_fdc_private uk_1982_darwin_fdc_private

FDC of uk_199_fdc_private2 uk_199_fdc_private2

FDC of uk_1991_fdc uk_1991_fdc

FDC of uk_1991_fdc2 uk_1991_fdc2

FDC of uk_1991_fdc3_used uk_1991_fdc3_used

FDC of uk_1991_owen_fdc uk_1991_owen_fdc

FDC of uk_1999_fdc uk_1999_fdc

FDC of uk_1999_fdc_private uk_1999_fdc_private

FDC of uk_2006_benham_fdc1 uk_2006_benham_fdc1

FDC of uk_2006_benham_fdc2 uk_2006_benham_fdc2

FDC of uk_2006_darwin_fdc uk_2006_darwin_fdc

FDC of uk_2006_fdc_used uk_2006_fdc_used

FDC of uk_2006_fdc_used_open uk_2006_fdc_used_open

FDC of uk_2006_fdc2 uk_2006_fdc2

FDC of uk_2006_fdc3 uk_2006_fdc3

FDC of uk_2006_fdc4_used uk_2006_fdc4_used

FDC of uk_2006_fdc5_used uk_2006_fdc5_used

FDC of uk_2006_norvic_fdc uk_2006_norvic_fdc

FDC of uk_2006_portraits_fdc2 uk_2006_portraits_fdc2

FDC of uk_2009_darwin_fdc uk_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of uk_2009_darwin_fdc_ms uk_2009_darwin_fdc_ms

FDC of uk_2009_darwin_fdc_xx uk_2009_darwin_fdc_xx

FDC of uk_2009_darwin_fdc2 uk_2009_darwin_fdc2

FDC of uk_2010_fdc uk_2010_fdc

FDC of uk_2010_fdc2 uk_2010_fdc2

FDC of uk_2010_fdc3 uk_2010_fdc3

FDC of uk_2013_fdc_used uk_2013_fdc_used

FDC of uk_2013_leakey_fdc uk_2013_leakey_fdc

FDC of uruguay_1988_fdc uruguay_1988_fdc

FDC of uruguay_1996_fdc uruguay_1996_fdc

FDC of uruguay_1996_fdc2 uruguay_1996_fdc2

FDC of uruguay_1996_fdc3 uruguay_1996_fdc3

FDC of uruguay_1997_fdc uruguay_1997_fdc

FDC of uruguay_1997_fdc2 uruguay_1997_fdc2

FDC of uruguay_1998_fdc uruguay_1998_fdc

FDC of uruguay_2009_darwin_fdc uruguay_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of usa_1955_fdc usa_1955_fdc

FDC of usa_1955_fdc_used usa_1955_fdc_used

FDC of usa_1970_fdc_signed usa_1970_fdc_signed

FDC of usa_1970_fdc_used usa_1970_fdc_used

FDC of USA_1970_fdc1 USA_1970_fdc1

FDC of USA_1970_fdc2 USA_1970_fdc2

FDC of usa_1974_fdc usa_1974_fdc

FDC of usa_1974_fdc_used usa_1974_fdc_used

FDC of usa_1974_fdc2 usa_1974_fdc2

FDC of usa_1982_fdc usa_1982_fdc

FDC of usa_1982_fdc_private usa_1982_fdc_private

FDC of usa_1989_fdc usa_1989_fdc

FDC of usa_1989_fdc2 usa_1989_fdc2

FDC of usa_1989_fdc3_signed usa_1989_fdc3_signed

FDC of usa_1989_fdc4_signed usa_1989_fdc4_signed

FDC of USA_1996_fdc USA_1996_fdc

FDC of usa_1996_fdc2 usa_1996_fdc2

FDC of usa_1996_fdc3 usa_1996_fdc3

FDC of usa_1997_fdc1 usa_1997_fdc1

FDC of usa_1997_fdc2 usa_1997_fdc2

FDC of usa_1997_fdc3 usa_1997_fdc3

FDC of usa_1997_fdc4 usa_1997_fdc4

FDC of usa_1997_ms_fdc usa_1997_ms_fdc

FDC of ussr_1975_fdc ussr_1975_fdc

FDC of ussr_1975_fdc_used ussr_1975_fdc_used

FDC of ussr_1975_fdc_used2 ussr_1975_fdc_used2

FDC of ussr_1990_fdc ussr_1990_fdc

FDC of ussr_1990_fdc_used ussr_1990_fdc_used

FDC of ussr_1990_fdc_used2 ussr_1990_fdc_used2

FDC of uzbekistan_2004_fdc uzbekistan_2004_fdc

FDC of vanuatu_2009_darwin_fdc vanuatu_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of vietnam_1990_fdc vietnam_1990_fdc

FDC of vietnam_1991_fdc vietnam_1991_fdc

FDC of vietnam_1996_fdc vietnam_1996_fdc

FDC of vietnam_1996_impf_fdc vietnam_1996_impf_fdc

FDC of vietnam_2009_darwin_fdc vietnam_2009_darwin_fdc

FDC of yemen_1990_fdc yemen_1990_fdc

FDC of yugoslavia_1985_fdc1 yugoslavia_1985_fdc1

FDC of yugoslavia_1985_fdc2 yugoslavia_1985_fdc2

FDC of zambia_1973_fdc zambia_1973_fdc

FDC of zambia_1999_fdc zambia_1999_fdc

FDC of zimbabwe_1998_fdc zimbabwe_1998_fdc

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