Paleophilately - representation of Paleontology in Philately

The stamps part of this site provides an overview and some details about official post-stamps and another philatelic items such as special post marks, post-cards, envelops, FDC etc.  related to paleontology and paleo-anthropology subjects, which depicted: prehistoric animals, plants, fossils, fossil found sites, museums with paleontological exhibitions, paleontologist, persons who are contribute to development of paleontology science, as well as some reviews about stamp history, milestones of "paleo-philately".

What is not included here ? Unofficial, illegal, commercial etc. items not recognized as official post item,  stamps depicted prehistorically animals, plants in joke, cartoon, or paleontology not related contents such as illustration of Juiles_Verne stories for example, children painting.....

How it's organized ?

Milestones - list of major milestones of Paleontology related Philately.

Stamps-overview - overview of all official stamps related to Paleontology since 1965 and earlier til today. This is a huge table: 170 countries over more than 60 years since the first post item depicted a dinosaur has been issued.  Click on a link in correspondent field (particular country at specific year) redirect you to relevant stamp page or image. (Currently, there are only few web pages about specific stamp already available. In most of the cases only image of a stamp is shown. Latter one web page with detail stamp information, includes technical details, stamp image, associated post items such as FDC, cards, covers ... and detail description of the stamp will be added.)

Preview - of all stamps somehow related to Paleontology, click on image to enlarge.

Paleontology - thematical list of paleontology related stamps.

Antropology - thematical list of paleontology related stamps

Chronology - list of paleontology related stamps at cgronological order

Country - paleontology related stamps sorted per country (currently, Oct. 2011, only few countries are available)

Stamps online - paleontology related stamps still available at face value on web sites of official postal assorities.

Exhibitions - stamp presentations provided by fellows collectors

Postal resources - list of official postal assorities, stamp information and stamp dealers web sites.

Glossary - brief philatelic glossary logo

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