Philatelic posters for "III Symposium on Brazilian Paleoinvertebrates"

Prof. Dr. Antonio Carlos Sequeira Fernandes, Professor of National Museum of Brazil, Departament of Geologiy and Paleontology present his philatelic poster on III Symposium on Brazilian PaleoinvertebratesThe following posters created by Prof. Dr. Antonio Carlos Sequeira Fernandes, Professor of National Museum of Brazil, Departament of Geologiy and Paleontology. There are no real stamps, but enlarged images  printed on colorful background. The poster  presented in the "III Symposium on Brazilian Paleoinvertebrates"  (III Simpósio Brasileiro de Paleoinvertebrados) in Belém, State of Pará, Brazil, from November, 4 to November, 9. 2016

The Brazilian Paleoinvertebrate Symposium is an initiative of paleoinvertebrate specialists, Dr. Renato Pirani Ghilardi and Sandro Marcelo Scheffler, with support from the Brazilian Society of Paleontology (SBP). Created six years ago(2010), it brings together researchers, professors and students of Brazilian invertebrate fossils under the most diverse techniques and methods of study.
This event, which takes place every two years, aims to bring together professionals and students and has also aroused the interest of researchers and teachers from other countries, mainly from the Southern Cone and the Iberian Peninsula. 
The central theme of the III Brazilian Symposium on Paleoinvertebrates revolves around the use of paleoinvertebrates as a tool to understand the range of global geological and biological events of the past, and how anthropic interference modifies their magnitudes. 

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