Hello. My name is Romina Aimar, I’m from Santa Rosa, province of La Pampa in Argentina. I’m a computer teacher in National University of La Pampa. My passion for thematic philately is recent and, although my passion is for computers, I love both paleonthology and philately and I decided to combine them. My first stamps were Argentinian stamps that I inherited from my mother (my grandfather and my uncle worked in the post office), and so it began my fascination for the philately.
The Argentinian Post Office in Santa Rosa launched a convocation to local philatelists to set up an exhibitiom and my constant visits to the post office helped me to be convened. I felt frustrated in the beginning because there is a lot of rules to make a presentation, so I decided to do it virtually and receive suggestions and advices from more experimented philatelists. At the link  I show the first draft of the virtual presentation. Then I contact Michael (Admin of this site), who give me the possibility to publish my presentation in spanish on his website and to whom I am deeply grateful and, as a personal challenge, I wrote it also in english. I’m also very grateful to my husband Sergio Dalmasso for his constant support and the help that he gave me with the translation.
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Similar one frame exhibit,  "Journey to the time of dinosaurs", was presented by Romina Aimar on international philatelic exhibit in Cordoba, Argentina that took place between  20-27 August 2016,  where it received a Bronze Medal.

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