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Russia 2012 "Modern art of Russia"

sue Date 31.07.2012
ID Michel:  ScottStanley GibbonsYvert:   UPU:   Category: pR
Author O. Ivanova
Stamps in set 6
Value RUR 15 - Monument of F. L Chaliapin in Kazan of the A. V.  Balashov (1999).
RUR 15 - The painting "Autumn. The interior "of the AN Suhovetskogo (1992).
RUR 15  - The painting "The Cossack off. Stapedius "of SA Gavrilyachenko (1999).
RUR 15 - Painting "Warm Day" of the GA Lehmann (1996).
RUR 15 - Picture of the "Russian Madonna" of the VI Nesterenko (2005).
RUR 15 - Monument "Mammoth" in Khanty-Mansiysk made by A.N. Kovalchuk (2007).
Size (width x height) 50x50 mm & 37x50mm
Layout 6 MS with 6 stamp each
Products FDC x3
Print Technique
Printed by  
Quantity 240,000 (40,000 MS)
Issuing Authority


On  30 July 2012  Russian post issued  6 stamps, continuing series of "Modern Art of Russia". The series was begun in 2011. These stamps shows some pictutes and monuments created by modern Russian artists.  Among them is a stamp depicted Monument "Mammoth" in Khanty-Mansiysk made by A.N. Kovalchukin 2007.



On September 9, 2007 Khanty-Mansiysk became another landmark, while the citizens have a new rest area. In honor of the 425th anniversary of the capital of Ugra - sculpture of  "Mammoths". Now it is supplemented with figures of primitive humans and other animals, evolved into a unique park Ice Age then grow up to "Archeopark" with many other figure of prehistoric animals and early humans.

 All sculptures are made according to modern scientific knowledge with advice of local paleontologists and represent an animals lived in the region, which fossils can be seen in local musem "Nature and Man"


FDC, Mini Sheets with Mammoth Mini Sheets





Used on covers

Register letter from Moscow, Russia, to Germany. Arrived in 3 weeks

Register letter from Khanty-Mansiysk the city where Mamoth sculpture stay.

Regular letter to Germany with stamp of Mamoth and some definitive stamps of 2008 with simetrical date (12.12.12)  post mark


Private issues

FDC Maxi Cards




References:  Live Journal  Bild.ru  Allrussia.ru  Wikipedia (on Russian)


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