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Fig.19: Tyranosaurus - stamp from set of Poland 1965 - the first pictorial set depicted dinosaurs
Fig.20: Tyranosaurus - stamp from set of San Marino 1965 - the second pictorial set depicted dinosaurs
Fig.21: Plateosaurus tracks - stamp from set of Lesotho 1970 - the first set depicted some footprint of prehistoric animals
Fig.22: Tyranosaurus- stamp from set of C.A.R. 1988
Fig.23: Colouring of Deinonychus - stamp from set of Benin 1996.
Fig.24: Brachiosaurus submerged in water - stamp from San Marino 1965
Fig.25: Brachiosaurus on dry land - stamp from set of Angola 1994.
Fig.24: Tyranosaurus hunting in a pack or pride - stamp from set of Bulgaria 1994. logo

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